10alexo wrote: Mrs Rigby's Epic Fail
In  maths➕➖✖️➗ in year 6,we have had a paper🗒 to mark that has been done wrong by Mrs Rigby(who is our teacher👩‍🏫).We have had a chance to mark her work and this is one of the questions that she has done extremely (More)
Here is a super hard question answered! Question Can you find a 6-digit number that is the same number rounded to the nearest 100,000 and 10,000? Answer This answer is so annoying :( ! It is obvious! Are you ready? It is......... (More)
Mrs Rigby wrote: How to do SATs questions
This is a guide on how to do a multiple step question from the SATs (Standard Assessment Tests.) Question 1 Plain Candles 35p each Star Candles 60p each Stripe Candles 85p each Sapna buys 4 Star Candles and 2 Stripe Candles. How ma (More)
Column Addition First choose a random sum for example 546+982. Now write the number 546 and then 982 underneath it. Don't forget to put the two under the six, the eighty under the forty and the nine hundred under the five hundred. Add t (More)