One way of using maths in real life could be shopping by counting your money to give to the shopkeeper.£1…£2…£3…

Or if you going on a trip but you need to know how far your end location is so you have to count all of those kilometres or miles.

Another way could be if you’re a strongman (or woman) you’d want to know how heavy your weight that you’re lifting is so you don’t end up lifting 2000000000000kg!

If you’re going to work or school you have to know what time you need to get there but if you are late your boss or teacher will be very angry.

You also use Maths in real life when you are at a garage you need to get the right amount of fuel,diesel or gas to get your car moving or if you’re brushing your teeth you need to have a timer for three minutes.

If you’re a magician you need to time your magic on stage for the show.

By Ellie and Igor.