This is a guide on how to do a multiple step question from the SATs (Standard Assessment Tests.)

Question 1

Plain Candles 35p each

Star Candles 60p each

Stripe Candles 85p each

Sapna buys 4 Star Candles and 2 Stripe Candles.

How many does she buy altogether?


Multiply 60p 4 times = £2.40p

Multiply 85p 2 times = £1.70p

Add them together = £4.10p

Question 2

Special Offer!

Buy 10 candles and get 50p off!

Josh buys 10 Plain Candles in the special offer.

How much does he pay for the 10 candles?


Multiply 35p 10 times = £3.50p

Subtract 50p = £3.00p

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