Month: December 2016

Christmas Maths

If I had 4 lots of holly wreaths with eight leaves on , how many holly leaves will there be on twelve wreathes?


If there was  80 people coming to my christmas party , 1/4 of them were adults who does drink , another 1/4 was adults who doesn’t drink and the rest was children. How many children are there at the party?

cartoonchildren-playing  images-2-adult-not-drinking

Hope you enjoyed these By Daisy


Shapes can have different names. Like a rectangle is sometimes called a square because it is bigger and it has the same amount of  vertices and faces and also edges! So technically they are both the same and both are parallelograms!



There are two different types of shapes like 2D and 3D. 2D shapes are ones that you can’t hold and they are flat. 3D shapes you can hold and pick up.

A parallel shape is a shape where the 2 line don’t meet. A quadrilateral is a shape with four sides like a square or a rectangle.

Fun fact

Did you know that 2D square has a different name in the 3D world? It’s called a cube.


What is Parallelogram?

Parallel lines is something in most shapes.Parallelogram is where 2 sets of lines never meet together. E.g. of some Parallelogram shapes, square,rectangle,diamondand many more…. So today I hope you learned a little more about shapes 

by Ayushma

Different types of quadrilateral

This blog post will tell you all the facts of quadrilaterals .

This  is an really important fact that you need to know . Rectangles are shapes that a have lines that will never meet . For example a square has 2 sets of parallel line . The opposite lines go across in train track 1 set up and 1 sat across . Another shape is a kite the lines of this shape will never meet , just like a rectangle  and a rhombus. ✅

But some parallel line shapes have 1 set of parallel lines . One shape that we know is a trapezium and that has 1 set that will never meet that goes across . But the 2 lines  that go up will meet and then the trapezium will then form into a triangle .

Now I will tell you all the types of parallelograms. Squares , rectangles , rhombus , kite /diamond  , isosceles  trapezium and a normal trapezium . And that is all you need to know!

What maths can you see?

Comment the maths that you can see in this picture:

emjio maths

+= 100

+= 75

= -1


What does each one mean?