The Girl On Her Own

I made up a story called the Girl on her own. You shall never do this to your friends because it won’t be funny.

Once upon a time a year ago there was a girls called Kery and Kaileigh they are twins. They got friends and a enemy. Kery was in year 3 and has friends called Topsy and Mary but Kaileigh is in year 1 and has a friend called Kate. Kaileigh and Kery proper twins there just abit naughty.One day  Kaileigh and Kate got bullied because at the end of the day the bully snachted there sweets of them.

Now you no why Kailegh was naughty because she knew what the Bully hated…….. clowns so she dressed up as a clown and scared the bully away.

you shouldn’t do this to your friends

the end

by Gracie



Here are some plants     here are some information about plants                  

Mysterious Insects

Miss Ruff found some interesting looking bugs in her front garden and they turned into pupa, she wasn’t sure what they would turn in to so brought them into school for us to find out. All the children had a guess of what they thought they’d turn into, they guesses ladybirds, butterfly’s, caterpillars and spiders. Here are the pupa:


After two days of being in our classroom, they metamorphosed into….



We were all very excited to see what they had turned in to! We’ve released our ladybirds into the garden so they can find food and grow.

I wonder if you can find anything else out about ladybirds?

The Nutcracker

Some time ago I read a beautiful story The Nutcracker. It was Christmas Eve and Clara and her brother Fritz got beautiful presents from godfather. Fritz got a gobstopper machine and Clara got the nutcracker toy. When everyone had gone to sleep Clara went back downstairs to get the nutcracker toy. Suddenly all the toys became alive.The soldiers and the Nutcracker were fighting army of mice. The King Mouse wanted to eat the Nutcracker but Clara saved his life.
She broke the spell and the Nutcracker became a Prince. The Prince announced Clara a Princes and took her to the Kingdom of sweets. When Clara woke up on Christmas morning she found herself curled up under the Christmas tree next to the Nutcracker. Clara was not sure if this all really happened or if it was a dream. Suddenly Clara noticed something glinting on the carpet. It was a tiny golden crown that fell of the King Mice head.
It is a magical story and I enjoyed it very much.

Stick Insects

I love our Stick insects!!!!! here are some pictures of stick insets…                                                                             By Sarah.Z

Comparing Africa to the United Kingdom

In Geography this term we are creating a fact file about Africa and the UK, and then comparing these two parts of the world to notice any similarities and differences.  We are especially keen to find out about the weather, food and land use.

What do you know about Africa or the UK? Check out our mind maps to see what we have been finding out about so far…

IMG_2613 IMG_2612 IMG_2610 IMG_2608 IMG_2607 IMG_2606 IMG_2605 IMG_2604 IMG_2603 IMG_2602 IMG_2601 IMG_2600 IMG_2599 IMG_2598 IMG_2597 IMG_2596 IMG_2595 IMG_2594 IMG_2614


Yesterday I went swimming.It was fun and I enjoyed it.It was not in Huntingdon it was in St Ives.I went under my mums legs and played catch with the float. How we play it is somebody sits on a float then 2 people push the float and whoever pushed the float and the person fell of they get to sit on the float. Also we played what’s the time Mr Wolf, Tag and a shark game.How we play the Shark game you 2 people run away for 10 seconds and then the Shark chooses  who it wants to get then they get that person.Then we got out and got changed and dryed our hair and got a Slush Puppy and got in my Granmas car and went home.

By Gracie

Blubbering Bertha

This Book is by David Walliams.

There was a Girl who cried at everything and she always blamed her Brother. One day the Girl pinched herself and cried WA WA WA! The girl squealed ”Mummy my Brother pinched me”
Mummy said “No pudding for a week or a month.” The next day the Girl pulled all her hair out and cried again and said my Brother pulled all my hair out…… but her Mum and Dad were watching all along and didn’t go with her.The next day her brother let here have pudding after all those years she didn’t have pudding. When she sat at the Table and her Brother really did pinch her on her  legs and she cried but…… one believed her.

The moral is: Don’t lie because when you are telling the trooth no one will believe you.

This story is a bit like cry wolf  because at the end no one believed her and that happened in cry Wolf.

By Gracie

Books From Around The World

Here are some books called…            Harry Potter         Frozen Fact:I have this book but it’s written in polish         My New Friend

Book Review Zoe and the fairy crown

It was Fairy Queens birthday,Zoe and Pip flew to the Stony castle with exciting presents.






The Fairy Queen was in her dressing room putting on her party crown,she was delighted with Zoe’s and Pip’s presents. Fairy  Queen said”this will be the best party ever!”

Fairy Queen said ”The elves are doing a barbecue and everyone is invited.’There is going to be a competition about waving wands, ballancing and trampolining.” Then it was fairy queens turn on the trampoline. Suddenly fairy Queens crown was lost then a little elf found it and he used it to put marshmallows under fire then Zoe came and grabbed the crown and gave it to the Fairy Queen and they lived happily ever after.

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