How to stay safe on HPS blogs

Here are the guidelines to stay safe on Hps blogs,only use your first name when commenting or posting to a blog.Do not post personal details on a blog.Always show respect to other people’s work – be positive if… Read More

Being safe on school blogs

Never tell your  address or phone number. Never tell your details or door number. Don’t write rude things; think of other’s feelings. Don’t post pictures of your house. Never post pictures of people who you don’t know.    … Read More

How to stay safe on hps blogs

Here are our blogging guidelines,only use your first name  when posting or commenting to a blog. Parents who leave comments are asked to use their first name only so as not to identify their child. Do not post… Read More

How to stay safe on the hps blogs on the iPad s

How to Stay Safe Online Never post your phone number and your email address Never post your surname or date birth,  keep it private. Stay safe on the hps blogs because it is a safe thing but don’t… Read More