Stop Motion Animation

For the last two weeks, the children in year 2 have been creating their own stop motion animation movies about the four seasons. The children needed to make a movie to submit to the film festival that is happening across schools.

The children have worked in groups completely independently to plan, create and edit their movie.

Please watch our movies here and leave us comments to let us know how we did:

My town Huntingdon

In Huntingdon, there are lots of houses and shops. Huntingdon is a town because if there are lots of houses so it is a town. We can see lots of birds and butterflies in Huntingdon. In that town, I feel happy because the seasons change every year. For this reason I do like my school at my town. Huntingdon is a market town in Cambridgeshire and England. The town was chartered by King John in 1205 and is the county town of Huntingdonshire. The well-preserved medieval bridge was once the main route of Ermine Street over the river and is still in use today. Huntingdon is the perfect place to visit whatever the season. Huntingdon was no stranger to politics when John Major became the youngest Prime Minister of the 20th Century. We like our town in Huntingdon. We have train stations for trains too.


Shoes Day

Happy shoes day everyone! If you want to know, shoes day is a day where you get to wear so funny or funky shoes. I hope you all enjoyed your funny shoes. You can decorate them very funny! If you don’t have decorations so you can buy some decorations from the shops. I enjoyed shoes day because I had lots of fun on that day. Here are some decorations I have used:

  • small multi-coloured pompoms
  • sequins
  • golden letter- stickers
  • coloured sticks to make HPS logo (rainbow)

I love my shoes, I have decorated them to look beautiful and funny.

Postcards from around the world!

Class 7 have had some very exciting news today – our first 2 postcards from around the world arrived today!

The first was from Finland which is in Europe and takes around 3 hours to get to on an aeroplane.  The postcard was sent to us on 24th April 2016, and it arrived today 3rd May 2016 – What a long journey!


The picture on the front of the card is a fish from Finland called a Zander.  It is a delicious fish and can be cooked in lots of different ways.

IMG_4515 Finland postcard

The second postcard we received was from Prague in the Czech Republic, which is in Europe and takes around 2 hours to get to on an aeroplane.

czech republic

The card was posted on the 26th April 2016.  Can you work out how many days less it has taken to arrive than the card from Finland?

Czech postcard IMG_4517

So far I have sent 11 postcards all over the world to lots of different countries including Germany, Russia, Japan, China, USA, and Greece through a website called postcrossing.

Keep reading to see if we receive any more!