Happy Half Term!

Year 2 have had a wonderful start to the Autumn term, we have enjoyed learning about Jane Goodall through our topic of ‘Discovery and Invention,’ and we have done lots of good learning. Next term we are excited to learn about some more inventors like the Wright Brothers and will be getting ready for Christmas with a super show!

From your teachers


Maths challenge in Year 2!

Hello everyone,

We have had a super week in Year 2. We have enjoyed writing about Baby Bear’s adventures in the book ‘Whatever Next,’ have practised solving number sentences in lots of super snappy ways like noticing number bonds and doubles, and have explored what makes something living in Science.

Today we had a super maths challenge- we had to solve the puzzle with pieces of 1, 2, 3, 4 and 5 numicon so that both lines equalled the same amount when added together.

We can’t wait to do more great learning with you next week!

Mrs Walton, Mrs Town and Miss Martin.

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