Valentine’s Disco

Some of Class 6 went to the Valentine’s Disco, we dressed in our best clothes, we danced and had some tasty treats.


We wore pretty dresses. It was colourful and we danced. – Julia and Oliwia


We got crisps and sweets, it was yummy and fun. – Kuba


Marcel had some jazzy dance moves and skidded cross the floor.



Class 6 go to Cambridge

We went to Cambridge on a trip back in September when we didn’t have our blog. We visited the Fitzwilliam Museum and we walked down the backs. We saw Kings College Chapel and the Mathematical bridge by Queens College. We looked over the Garret Hostel Bridge at all the punts. We thought about what we could remember from our trip.

It was sunny in Cambridge, Julia even wore her sunglasses.


Felix came too and Kieran looked after him.


We saw armour for knights and it was so much fun. – Millie


We saw swords and shields – Megan


We saw punters, and we waved at them as they went under the bridge. – Max

We saw lots of pictures inside the Fitzwilliam Museum. – Keeley


We went in the gardens. – Brayden

We saw ducks in the river Cam. – Oliwia


We saw a dragon clock which had glowing eyes. – Hayden


When we came out of the museum we saw rain. – Dawson


We saw the Egyptian part of the museum. – Fjord


Mini Beasts

Year 1 had a Mini Beast Road Show come to visit! It was very exciting, they bought in different types of insects and some reptiles as well. We learnt about the creatures habitats and we had a chance to investigate and explore them.


Fjord used all his courage to hold the spider and was very proud of himself when he did.

The spider tickled. – Julia


The spider has 8 legs, they were furry. – Nicola


The snake felt cold and slimy – Nicholas


Miss Bowrey had to kiss a toad, but it didn’t turn into a prince.





Huntingdon Fire Brigade Visit

We were lucky enough to have the Huntingdon Fire Service come to visit us. We learnt lots about keeping ourselves safe. We explored the fire engine and asked the fire fighters our questions.

We learnt all the things that the fire fighters do to help us.


I liked the hose because it sprays water at fire then the fire goes away and they put their hose away. – Hayden


I liked the ladder because when someone is stuck in a fire building a fireman can get a tall ladder and save people. – Fjord


Fire engines are red and they have lights and they make a loud noise. – Zakari


They told us about the fire engine and about fires. They told us how to be safe. – Mika


It was good and the fire engine was red. – Aleksandra


They can save cats or dogs. – Dawson

We had a fabulous visit, and we hope they come to see us again.

Book review of Never Tickle a Tiger

The book is about a little girl who is called Izzy. She never stops wiggling and jiggling. One day the teacher took the class to the zoo and she couldn’t stop wiggling and jiggling, the teacher told her and told her to stop but she wouldn’t. The teacher stopped her and said “never ever tickle a tiger !” She had her lunch then she crawled away and wriggled into the tiger enclosure !  The tiger ROARED and blew them all away ! Izzy then ticked and tickled the tiger with a feather

we thought the book was funny and liked because Izzy couldn’t stop moving and wriggling. We also thought the pictures were good too. I like the pichh.

By Keeley and Oliwia


Book Review of The Way to the Zoo.

The Way to the Zoo

By John Burningham

The story is about a girl called Sylvie who finds a secret door to the zoo. The animals come to Sylvie’s bedroom. It is a fiction book.

We thought the book was funny. The book was exciting and fabulous. The picture of the penguins was beautiful. The book has some of our favourite animals in it, rhinos, koala bears and giraffes. We thought it was a silly idea that all the animals came into her bedroom.

Some of us would like the animals to come into our bedrooms, because we love animals and would want the animals to be free. Some of us would not like animals in our bedrooms because they might wake us up or bite us. We thought the book could be more colourful.

By Class 6