Our Film Competition Entry

At HPS we have been making films for a competition. Our films are about the seasons, so we have learned all about the seasons in science.(AH) We have learned how to make stop-motion films, and found out that it was really important not to move the camera! (ED) If you move it the film goes everywhere! (TA)

We liked watching the films afterwards. (AH) We added music and changed the filters. (TS) Sometimes we had to delete a frame if it went wrong! (JC) We had to take lots of pictures because we only moved the leaves on the trees a little way each time. (AH)

This is not my Hat – Jon Klassen

The litimagestle fish learned a lesson in this book – not to steal! (JT) The big fish lost his hat. He thinks the little fish stole it! (EO) He went to find his hat and we never saw the big fish again! (TZ) The big fish found the little fish! (TB) We think that the big fish ate the little fish because he stole his hat! (SA)

The best bit was when the fish woke up because he knew his hat was gone! (NG) Also, we liked the end of the story when we think the little fish got eaten! (CH)

Some of us didn’t like it when the fish got eaten. (AH) We didn’t like it when the little fish stole the big fish’s hat! (DD)

Hairy Maclairy’s Rumpus at the Vet – Lynley Dodd

hmrvHairy Maclairy and the other pets at the vet make a big mess and lots of noise. They were having a fight because a bird pulled Hairy Maclairy’s tail!

We liked it when the animals were making a kerfuffle, they were doing silly things. The best bit was when the bird was about to pull Hairy Maclairy’s tail again!

Class 5 loves Hairy Maclairy books because we can join in with the rhymes. We would all read this story again! Another day we might review Hairy Maclairy and Zachary Quack, that is our favorite!

At Our House – Isabel Minhos Martins and Madalena Matoso

at_our_house_12977_largeThis book tells us about our bodies and how many bones, fingers, hairs, freckles and shoes we have. We have learned a lot about our bodies.

We liked the page about food because there was lovely pictures. The page about bones had a really big number on it The dog was our favorite character – everyone else has two legs but he had four!

We thought the page with the freckles was a bit silly because the freckles were a funny colour. The page with the skeleton was a bit scary.

If we could change the book, we would make the skeleton page have the whole family on it. We would change the the picture of the man with the freckles so that he was on the beach and the freckles were the right colour.

15/ 27 would read this book again.