Picture News: How we can help our planet

In class 3, we have been exploring how we can help our planet. We have looked at what climate change is and some of the sad effects it has.

These are our promises to help our planet:

  1. We promise to help endangered animals. We have discussed adopting an animal and what that means.
  2. We promise to walk and cycle to places that are near us.
  3. We promise to not leave our litter on the beach, but throw it into the bin.
  4. We promise to up-cycle our toys and donate them.
  5. We promise to help endangered animals such as elephants.
  6. We promise to recycle lots of materials such as plastic and paper.
  7. We promise to do our best to drink from a paper straw to help the environment.
  8. We promise to wear sensible clothes indoors and outdoors so the heating does not need to be on all the time.
  9. Our final promise is to remember to turn lights off when we don’t need them on.

Hello from Class 3

10 of our ideas to having a great time in Year 1!


  1. Having a great phonics session with our robot arms and our phoneme fingers.
  2. We love story time. We have just been reading Whatever Next!
  3. Golden time on a Friday is always fun! We get to do fun things like yoga and colouring.
  4. We make sure we are always listening so we can learn.
  5. We have our very own toolkits. They include lots of stationary which we take care of.
  6. We love our maths. We get to count lots.
  7. There is lots of technology in our classrooms. We have iPads and laptops we are able to use everyday.
  8. Every Friday there is star of the week. If you are showing any of the five school values you might be able to win.
  9. It is so important to us that we all make good friends in Year 1. We love to play with our friends.
  10. One of our most favourite items in year 1 is Benny the bear. He is very special as he gets to go home with a lucky person from Year 1 every week.