In early years we have been exploring the four seasons. Outside of our window is a big tree and as the year has progressed we have been observing the different changes it has made – from having no leaves in winter to being covered in big, green leaves now! We have had a go at drawing what the tree looks like in each season and even had a go at writing about it!

We have also been on a seasons hunt where we explored different nature outside. We loved exploring the flowers outside and used paints to have a go at painting what we saw.



International week

Last week was International week in school.

Reception explored the country India and we learnt lots of different things about India. We found out that it takes 10 hours on a plane to get there and it is very hot!

We looked at the celebration Diwali and made our own Diya pots out of clay.

We also had a go at doing some Indian dancing which was brilliant! diva-lamp-4

Different countries

This week we have been exploring different countries ready for our international festival in June.

So far we have looked at China and Italy. We learnt lots of facts about both countries, for example what their capital cities are called and how to speak their different languages.

We are now very excited to learn lots more during our international festival!  ItalyFlagPicture6


On Thursday last week, something very exciting happened in EYFS! We visited Woburn Safari Park! We saw some really exciting animals including Penguins, Rhinos, Lions, Giraffes and Monkeys! The Monkeys were so cheeky that they even jumped on top of the coach!

We had such a good day that some of us even fell asleep on our way back to school! 015 036 042 023