Harry Potter house research

Gryffindor Gryffindors traits represent courage, chivalry and determination ; Gryffindor is known for being brave and a  resilient house .  The founder of the  house team is Godric Gryffindor since he discovered the house he and Minerva McGonagall are the leader of Gryffindor  .  Since every house of Hogwarts has elements Gryffindors is fire and their [...]

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100 word challenge the crazy world

"Jeff we got to stop Da Vinci Before he destroyes the bucket "shout Messi .Da Vinci pulls the lever the his robots to stop Jeff and Messi."now try to deal with the most power [...]

STEM week

This week was STEM week and in this week we have four activities which were Science, technology, engeneering, maths.  We were introduced to this week on Monday when we had [...]

STEM week at HPS.

This week at HPS it was STEM week (Science,technology,engineering and maths) so that means all of our learning has been about this topic. On Monday we had an assembly,that [...]

Stem week

This week at HPS it has been stem week and it was really fun STEM week means science technology engineering and mathematics and my faveroute part was when we done the elephant [...]

100 word challenge WHY NOT TO HAVE TWINS

I'm Molly Weasly , This is the day two of my sons to ruin my week .  This when it all started. Fred and George went on a mysterious adventure . They didn't tell me exactly [...]

100 word mystery

Scooby Doo and the Ghost bear! Scooby and Shaggy should be in the Paris by now with the mystery gang but they don't know when they are going to land. A famous explorer [...]

100 word challenge.

I am a Auror trained in deffence against the dark arts. There is a mysterious case of two rather large foot prince we can`t expose the wizarding world again to the [...]

Investigation elephants toothpaste

What were you investigating? What happened when you mix a catalyst with hydrogen? Things you will need: a 16ounce bottle then a jug of warm water safety goggles half a [...]

mystery of the dinosaurs (hundred word challenge)

In the early pre historic period it was only water the whole earth was water it was only very tiny fish. Suddenly small land formed then crocodiles were born it was many years [...]

100 Word Challenge

Hello we are in Scotland, Brean Down castle where there has somehow occurred of holes in the ground, stay with us for more news. Some say it was Bigfoot, (but which [...]