Gen R8 came into our school for the year 6s and we had a fun lesson about choices , we learnt lots of different things such as making the right decisions and learning to do the right thing . They talked to us that you don’t need to change just because someone said you have to when your own personality is unique and everyone is different . We are  not all [...]

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The haunted school part 1

Once apron a time there was a school in London and it had been shut down because there was just one ghost so it was ok but then a week later there became hundreds and hundreds [...]

100 Word Challenge

There was a flower pot sitting down on a shelf. There was a family of four, Michael (the dad) Miranda (the mum) Tyler (the son) and Brianna (the daughter), they also have two [...]

100 word challenge week 3 (magic bucket)

There was a magic bucket and what what you thought came out                                                 I wanted a ps4 but it was so much money so [...]

100 word challenge

One stormy night, when hours past like days, with people terrified from the hurricane... There was a girl named Sindy she was terrified from the hurricane so much that she [...]

100 word challenge week 3 (the magic pot)

One day there was a really strange pot which when it got tipped over random things came coming out and today i tipped it over and loads of people came chucking out like [...]

100 word challenge

There was a huge broken light bulb witch two small men were sitting on it looked like they were cleaning little sweets up. Sweeping up bits of glass, the men were singing [...]

100 word challenge the crazy world

"Jeff we got to stop Da Vinci Before he destroyes the bucket "shout Messi .Da Vinci pulls the lever the his robots to stop Jeff and Messi."now try to deal with the most power [...]

STEM week

This week was STEM week and in this week we have four activities which were Science, technology, engeneering, maths.  We were introduced to this week on Monday when we had [...]

STEM week at HPS.

This week at HPS it was STEM week (Science,technology,engineering and maths) so that means all of our learning has been about this topic. On Monday we had an assembly,that [...]

Stem week

This week at HPS it has been stem week and it was really fun STEM week means science technology engineering and mathematics and my faveroute part was when we done the elephant [...]