Harry Potter house research

Gryffindor Gryffindors traits represent courage, chivalry and determination ; Gryffindor is known for being brave and a  resilient house .  The founder of the  house team is Godric Gryffindor since he discovered the house he and Minerva McGonagall are the leader of Gryffindor  .  Since every house of Hogwarts has elements Gryffindors is fire and their [...]

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My day with Rose

I have a cousin called Rose, me and her went out one morning and I'm going to tell you about how I enjoyed the morning. So one morning my father woke me up, we all sat [...]

should we always speak up when someone is bullied?

what do you think about bullying? how would you react to bullying? how would you  feel if you were bullied if you are a bully would you stop? my feel: I think bullying is [...]

should we speak up if someone is being bullied??

I think we should listen to your own heart because feeling like you should tell someone you might be very embarrassed.Kids this age always want to fit in with other people but [...]

Diary of a wimpy kid the long haul (IT WAS SO FUNNY)

The start was funny it was when a family went to a fast food restaurant then the little boy can't remember his name but he went on the play area and shouted help on the slide [...]


The film was very funny my favourite part was when Rodrick (Wimpy Kids brother) holds a sign saying they are kidnapping us.The story is wimpy kid is called Greg .It all [...]

Diary of the wimpy kid the long hall!

The thing that happens in the film was at the start everyone was excited because they were going on a road trip but it ended up in a complete disaster because everything was [...]

What we did in the morning!!!!!!!!!

This morning,we went through the hub and   did the register.After that ,all of us went to the pink hall and  did puzzles.First we did penguin game where you have to put [...]

100 word challenge

The fun day stared like they all do at Charlie's Chocolate Factory . First strolled up to his long purple  boat with a umpalumpa to make sure everything is up and running . [...]

When the puzzle company came to visit….

On Thursday the 28th of September the happy puzzle company came to visit hps. Yr 6 came first to say welcome and play a couple of challenges. We had to get in groups of 6 and [...]

100 word challenge

One day , Hannah and her friend Kim were taking a walk into town . As they got halfway they saw a large colourful mess. " This was not here yesterday " ! Cried Kim . Who had [...]