Gen R8 came into our school for the year 6s and we had a fun lesson about choices , we learnt lots of different things such as making the right decisions and learning to do the right thing . They talked to us that you don’t need to change just because someone said you have to when your own personality is unique and everyone is different . We are  not all [...]

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#Mozthemonster 2017 John Lewis Christmas ad Moz’s diary

Dear diary. Monday. I entered this room from a magical dust from the sewers to a boy named Joe's room who was struggling to sleep. When he found me he got a bit of a [...]

Moz the monster.

One night  Jo looked under his bed then there was a monster under his bed . The monsters name was Moz he kept Jo up at night because he was snoring very loudly . Jo tried a [...]

A review of diary of the wimpy kid the long haul

The film was the diary of the wimpy kid and it was very cringy. The characters were Greg Heffley,Rodrick Heffley, Manny Heffley (a toddler) but I forgot the mums name or the [...]

Diary of a wimpy kid the long haul.

On Thursday we went to the cinema to see diary of a wimpy kid the long haul, which was fun, there are 5 main characters. Greg , Rodrick ,Susan, Frank and Manny. I recommend [...]

Despicable me 3


Add a de;de sentence

Oliver had a jacket full of brown;which had cuts and stain dirt. Oliver had a slim body with a threadbare jacket;with a pair of tight,ragged shoes but it was still [...]

My day with Rose

I have a cousin called Rose, me and her went out one morning and I'm going to tell you about how I enjoyed the morning. So one morning my father woke me up, we all sat [...]

should we always speak up when someone is bullied?

what do you think about bullying? how would you react to bullying? how would you  feel if you were bullied if you are a bully would you stop? my feel: I think bullying is [...]

should we speak up if someone is being bullied??

I think we should listen to your own heart because feeling like you should tell someone you might be very embarrassed.Kids this age always want to fit in with other people but [...]

Diary of a wimpy kid the long haul (IT WAS SO FUNNY)

The start was funny it was when a family went to a fast food restaurant then the little boy can't remember his name but he went on the play area and shouted help on the slide [...]