#Mozthemonster 2017 John Lewis Christmas ad Moz’s diary

Dear diary.


I entered this room from a magical dust from the sewers to a boy named Joe’s room who was struggling to sleep. When he found me he got a bit of a fright; my huge snores sounded like I was roaring. Joe was getting annoyed even though I couldn’t help it. After a while, he understood that I’m innocent it so we started to play. I couldn’t wait for the adventures we’ll  have in-store.


Everything was set out; I would come every night up until Christmas.  There were so many games to play. We would choose a different game every night. I couldn’t believe my eyes I thought “endless fun” was an exaggeration.  It took me a while to figure out the way the games work but it soon came around.


During the day Joe went off to school with his other friends, that left me all alone! Until I released I could see his school from his room, it was great. Joe was so excited for this match… hold on a minute – he was sleeping on the post – he must be ill, I hope he will be better before we continue our games competition.

Thursday /Christmas eve

OH NO! …….. last night as we were playing cards I remembered children normally sleep at night and the worse thing is that I said I would stay until Christmas. A note, a note, I’ll write  . Wait even better a present from John Lewis to make Joe get to sleep. It took a long time to find it but I found one better than I imagined.

Friday/Christmas day.

Just in time, I managed to wrap the gift in what I could find from the kitchen: string, baking paper and tape. It was almost time. I ran into the living room and placed it down in the nick of time. Back to the sewer, I imagined what fun little Joe will have with a good nights sleep.


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