100 word challenge

One windy day in America a massive blender was made but it fell down with all the ingredients inside and it made giant fruit. Two people there are workers for NCIS and have been told that someone pushed it down and killed someone. Cautiously agent Gibbs and Abby lifted up the glass to pull the body out. When they returned to there headquarters agent Abby scanned the body to find evidence. When they had enough evidence they traced it back to Jones the husband of the dead wife who is actually Christina and the story continues next time on NCIS.

objects in my house that were invented by british people.

  1. The television was invented by John Logie Baird  in 1925
  2. Alexandra Graham Bell invented the telephone in 1876 .
  3. In 1979 James Dyson  was the inventor of the bagless vacuum cleaner .
  4. The light bulb  was invented by  Joseph swan (et al) there were lots of different people contributed .
  5. William Caxton was the first british printer of books in 1476 .
  6. clocks were invented by John harrison . 
  7. The salted paper was invented by William Henery fox talbot .           
  8. William cullen was the inventor of the fridge .

The opposition

“I made it a picture of a pig” shouted lady ga ga. Just then leonardo came on TV and sang 24k magic,he rocks he came 1st out of 52!Lionel messi made a fly potion “whoooooooooo” he shouted Albert Enistin is a footballer! He scored what a game 3-1 they win. Ok this was a quick chat with the people in the story. Pink was lady ga ga neon orange was Leonardo da Vinci blue was Lionel messi green was Albert Enistin and red was me Callum. 

The haunted school part 1

Once apron a time there was a school in London and it had been shut down because there was just one ghost so it was ok but then a week later there became hundreds and hundreds and every day there were chucking chairs at teachers and scraping there nails along the choreck bored and the one that started was a killer and when it came in everyone would scream and jump through the glass!!So today Kevin is going to explore it.When he arrived all the doors were seemed so he had to climb through the top window with a ladder and as he dropped in he heard the loudest scream from the first person who came in he was terrified and wanted to turn back but the window slammed and smashed.Suddenlyhe heard a voice ” go to the stairs”.He looked in his backpack to call his mum and noticed it was gone then he prayed and whispered ” I’m only 12 don’t hurt me ghosts i won’t hurt you so please give me my phone back.Then he heard  another voice “Then go to the stairs”.So he tip toed down the stairs and saw a wardrobe with blood splatters down the side.Just then Kevin noticed that was the wardrobe in my class he ran as fast as he could to the window but a creepy man jumped in front of Kevin and said what’s the matter and Kevin said there’s a creepy man down the stairs and the ghost came up the stars and said the Kevin and the man your next…

100 Word Challenge

There was a flower pot sitting down on a shelf. There was a family of four, Michael (the dad) Miranda (the mum) Tyler (the son) and Brianna (the daughter), they also have two bulldogs, Bere and Ghost. One time,  Bere and Ghost were playing near the flower pot until the family heard, “CLUNK, CLANK CRASH” the $100,000,000 dollar flower pot (with precious, shimmering beads inside, costing $1000) Mike, for short , shouted “Bere, Ghost how could you do that?!” That was the most expensive thing in this house” Mike picked them up and took them to their rooms! They wailed immediately, they cried!! 🙁

100 word challenge week 3 (magic bucket)

There was a magic bucket and what what you thought came out                                                 I wanted a ps4 but it was so much money so i went to a cave (don’t know why) then.I found a bucket! “why me!” i thought  but then i said “mum can i have a ps4 please i wish to have one!” all a sudden a ps4 came out of the bucket”whoooo” i said with  excitement. Is that a m magic bucket “no way i want that”said Luke (my brother) i want a mansion a mansion popped out of the silver bucket i live here now.

100 word challenge

One stormy night, when hours past like days, with people terrified from the hurricane… There was a girl named Sindy she was terrified from the hurricane so much that she drilled wood to her windows,double locking all the doors and most of all keeping her dog safe in the frontroom where she was sitting as well.Then her dog heard something in the kitchen like something smashing she creepily opened the frontroom door but her dog barged his way to the kitchen. Running,Sindy went asswell. It was her smashed light bulb and sweets with tiny men on the floor… how?? why??


100 word challenge week 3 (the magic pot)

One day there was a really strange pot which when it got tipped over random things came coming out and today i tipped it over and loads of people came chucking out like multicolored grapes and a aunament which was made of glass with spikes coming out of it and i gave it to my little sister but smashed it i got scared because when it happen a little white man came out and started shouted in a low voice but i was amagenating   it but this was a weird day but just that moment i wasn’t imagining the man…

100 word challenge

There was a huge broken light bulb witch two small men were sitting on it looked like they were cleaning little sweets up. Sweeping up bits of glass, the men were singing along to a radio, which was near boxes. One of the men stood up and said this is no fun we should eat these delicious sweet in stead they started eating the sweets but then a helicopter landed on the light bulb and some one came out it was Kat Deli. She took all the glass like Santa with a sack and walked back into the flying vehicle.

100 word challenge the crazy world

“Jeff we got to stop Da Vinci Before he destroyes the bucket “shout Messi .Da Vinci pulls the lever the his robots to stop Jeff and Messi.”now try to deal with the most power full robots in the would”Da Vinci .” Give me the water bucket”said Jeff .”have it”said messi .then the water went all other the robots under a second the explode.suddenly Da Vinci pushed the bucket and out of it a light bulb smashed and little candy fell out behind Da Vinci was captured by Reaper and Da Vinci was finally captured he went to prison for ten years.