As some people may already know that I have a coming exam on the 30th of march 2017. I play the violin and I am doing grade 2 . I have already done  grade 1 and i passed and this time i hope to get a distinction or a merit in my grade.

On the day of my grade exam in will have to do :

Scale , this is when you have to play notes and keys to stammerer your technique and makes your performance the best it can be .

Songs ,I  have got to choose these songs out of a syllabus book that was chaptered in a , b and c. My choice was german dance no.4 , afloat and the song of the show .

Aural test , this is to prove the examiner that I know how to recognise key signatures and sharps . I also have to sing note to identify if they are loud or quiet .

Sight test , this will make sure that I can read music and I can play them with only learning the short piece in a matter of seconds .

I really hope to do well , wish me luck !:)