so when you  want to find the closest  number to something you find the difference between the number and the other number that you are given you could times divide add etc but you have to use the method in the right way so your trying to find 500 from 450 so you could add 50 to get their but their is another number 510 so  you could easly do  510-10=500 that  was my guide  how to find the difference between 2 numbers


Stage Directions

(Macbeth and Banquo fiercely limped  on to the stage, they are bloody, exhausted and warn out. The stage is covered in gore and it is drenched with rain and u could hear the thunder going off in the background. The empty, ghostly and neglected heath covered in grey, thin fog)

Macbeth:(murmering) I am so tired

Banquo:(supportiurly) I defiantly agree with you

(Banquo leans on to Macbeths shoulder)

lc: to write a narrative

One day there was a man who was at a photocopier,he was photocopying paper then the photocopier stopped so he kicked it and on the paper there was a black hole on the paper he put his drink on the paper and his plastic cup fell through the paper so the man was confused so he tried to put his hand in the paper and his hand when straight through the paper and he grabbed his cup out of the black hole and he thought he could steal things so the man tried to put the paper on the vending machine and put his hand through the vending machine and he stole a snickers bar out of the vending machine and he thought he could money out from the safe and it didn’t go to plan he stole lots of money from the safe and he couldn’t get all the money and he went head first into the safe,which he was going through the black hole on the paper but he went too far into the black hole and he got stuck in the safe and he couldn’t breath so he suffocated and he died but he came back to life on the moon a load of aliens rescued him and brought him back to life and from that day he got stuck in the safe and suffocated he now lived on the moon and was friends with aliens,he was happy that he lived on the moon so he couldn’t get in trouble and he can’t get fired and the only way to get back to earth the aliens had to give him one of there UFO’s and he can go back to his own planet but he decided to stay with the aliens because he thought he will get in trouble and get sent into jail . He didn’t need a spacesuit because he lived there and he died in the safe and he got brought back to life by the aliens soon there was an asteroid coming to hit the moon so everybody would die from it the man had to make his decision stay on the moon and die or go back to earth and get put in jail for 10 years its up to him now but he decided to fly to another planet called Pluto he flew as the speed of lite and the man was never seen again THE END….


The Arctic Fox

There main prey is lewmings . They steal the eggs from the bird’s and leftover to the animals. They live in the coldest place in the world . Canada , Russia , Norway , Alaska Arctic.

They weight 3-8 kg and 75-110 cm long. The female’s are small than males . The baby are called cubs  and the cubs live in the den . They  are 5-8 cubs in a litter. 

They have sense of hearing , smelling ,howling . Thick  fur  to keep warm . White fur in winter  for camouflage . They have small ears, to kepping the heat. 

The school values

In  H.P.S  we have five values and I’m going to tell you more .

Our values are : Respect Teamwork Resilience Courage Pride

Respect : Respect is all about sharing and caring , respect for ourselves , others and our environment . We can all show respect by doing all of these things and to do lots more things aswell . Respect is shown by trying to help other people if they are stuck or hurt at something .

Teamwork : Teamwork is when you try to be friendly to people , helpful and co – opertive to other people and objects .  You normally show teamwork when you are in a group especially working together on your work .

Resilience : Resilience means when you keep on trying and never give up even if something is really hard I heard a rhyme what goes like this ‘Ask three before me ‘ that is what teachers normally say if you re stuck with your work.

Courage : Courage is similar to  resilience but the only thing different is you are trying something new or your scared to do it but you do it again anyway .

Pride : Pride is where you are proud of yourself  for something you have achieved or you have got better at.



LC:TO write a narrative

One boring night ever a man called bob was printing out some work and the dumb, useless, printer out a black hole on a peace of blank paper and sucked up a hot coffee and then bob had a bad idea and stole a snickers bar and munched on the tasty bar then had the riskiest idea and unlocked the door to the shiny safe that is full of majestic money to make him shower in money. He sellotaped the black hole to the safe and grabbed all the money that he could reach and he could see more at the back of the safe and put his hole body in and the black hole dropped  from the safe and bob suffocated to death until he got sent to hell for his poor actions and had to face the demon that lies in the hands of the body of bob.       


The hangman man,who has a terrible time, is the man that you draw on a board\paper he hopes that you don’t lose the game or else he would be fired from his job. He doesn’t worry because he gets reincarnated to another drawing like a game of noughts & crossings he is nought (however he liked his job as a stick man) so he cheats by changing the amount of letters that there is so he wastes there time and helps the children not do any work for the afternoon and he helps another person by cheating. but if he was caught cheating he would be downgraded to the PEN, which you get scrubed on the board every day

my half term

On my half term I my dad stayed at home on Monday and Thursday,we had lots of fun together even though my mum had to go to work all week we still had lots of fun ,on Tuesday and Wednesday I went to my childminders we made shortbreads for Valentine’s day we also watched  movies drew pictures did homework,on Friday I went to my friends house ,I was so excited she came round mine and stayed over , I laughed so much I nearly fainted after that we sat on the sofa and watched a movie and had popcorn we watched (GOOSBUMPS) .

Thats my half term!!!   


Kensuke’s Kingdom!!!

I would feel shocked but also excited and amazed at the thought of seeing the sea. I would also be scared and nervous about the values getting realy big and the wind putting the boat around.

[Macbeth story]

once upon a time  Macbeth and his Banquo  see the 3 Witches making a potion and the withes see Macbeth and said All hail Macbeth  asked the 3 witches. The 3 witches  asked Macbeth to kill  King Duncan because  he wants be a king and after that Macbeth  went  to king Duncan bedchamber to kill King Duncan and he got a shiny sliver dagger to kill king Duncan. In the morning king Duncan woke up and see a  bloody body and the guards  blow the trumpet  in the balcony and Macbeth  run quickly and he saw lady Macbeth and she said Why did you kill king Duncan  i am sorry asked Macbeth and she get the daggers from Macbeth.                                                                                                                          The end

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