The Haunted House

The house was deserted. Deserted because there was no sign of life in the mysterious mansion! The clouds were pitch black as if they were angry, unable to see anything but the light of the moon.

Before I even tried to get into the frightening house, I had to battle through a huge iron padlock on the rusty gate. The wolves, which were hiding in the horizon, howled as loud as they could, as if they were trying to tell me to go away. Flying above ,there was a swarm of bats. I was terrified.

Mysteriously, there was a creepy mist rising from the rotten floorboards in front of the door. Anxious and afraid, I crept closer to take a look…IT WAS A GHOST! I rubbed my eyes. Was my mind playing tricks on me? All of a sudden, a single light flickered. On. Off. On. Off. Terrified, I froze instantly on the spot where I stood. Then, slowly, I started backing off because I saw more mist. I said to myself, “I hope they are not going to notice me.”

Hiding behind an ancient tree, I desperately tried to avoid being spotted. All around me were mossy, cracked gravestones that looked hundreds of years old. Suddenly, a bell chimed but I had no idea why. Above me, the moon was alone in the sky. It was midnight. Eerily, more ghosts rose from the creepy graves. Ghosts gathered around me. I was trapped.


The Haunted House

The Haunted House

Everything was pitch black. Pitch black, as if nobody was home!! The rain crawled down the window as if it were crying. Drip. Drip. Fog appeared eerily from behind a rusty gate, like a ghost watching me. I felt as if I were not alone… someone was with me!!

The door in front of me, which is old and splintered, swung wide open  as I walked past. My heart was beating so fast. I was terrified. I saw a dark figure run past me….who could it be? Creepy and mysterious, the house was full of twisted towers and cobwebbed arches. Behind me, I could see dark, mossy tombstones surrounded by a ghost.

As I stepped nervously into the house, I saw the outline of a little girl sat in a rocking chair with a doll. The room was dark and everything echoed against the bare walls. When I looked back, the girl was gone. The hairs stood up on the back of my neck; something had touched me.

I slowly walked up the dilapidated staircase, while looking at the ground, nervous. When I looked up, there was two little girls sat at the top of the stairs, holding a dead dog…. Terrified, I ran down the stairs as fast a cheetah… but the little girls had beaten me to the bottom. Frantically and determinedly, I ran back up the creaky stairs and shut myself in the closest room. I turned the rusty lock.

When I turned around the girls were in there sitting down, holding a bloody axe and a bag full of gruesome eyeballs. How had they got in here? The first ghostly figure leant towards the other, whispering in her ear. Her white dress was stained with blood; her skin was translucent. Her twin copied her every move.

Slowly, I unlocked the door and stepped back one step. I glanced back at the girls and went to shut the door but just as it went to shut, they lunged towards me and pushed me down the stairs . They started to sing: ”Its raining, its pouring.” When I got to the floor, they stopped suddenly. Quickly, I stood up I turned around, hoping this night of terror was over. Behind me, a porcelain doll stood holding a bloody knife…

The terrible week


Terrible start of the day

It was early in the morning and I had barely slept. Slowly, I dragged myself out of bed. My feet felt so heavy; I didn’t want to get up. While I was changing my clothes, I tripped over my diary but before I could retrieve it, my annoying sister ran into my room and stole it from my grasp. I was so mad at her I wanted to scream REALLY loudly. How dare she?

Before I could catch her, she darted into her room and slammed the door shut. Locked. Anger washed over me; that diary had all of my personal thoughts in it! “EMILY , GIVE ME MY DIARY BACK RIGHT NOW!!!” I shouted.

Finally, she appeared at her door with a smirk on her face. “Now I have your diary, you have to be my slave for a WHOLE year,” she said, mockingly. Frustrated, I ran to my mom and told her what Emily had been doing but as usual, all she said was, “Nicole stop telling me lies…your sister wouldn’t do such a thing, so be nice to her.”

Unfortunately I had to go to school, so I got my shoes on and rode to school on my bike as fast as I could. When I arrived at school, I went straight to my battered old locker and put my stuff away! I went straight to class after that. All I was thinking about was my diary.

After the lesson was finally finished, I decided to find my friends and tell them what had happened. “Hi Emma , Hi Jamie,” I said with a smile on my face, pleased to see them. “Guess what happened this morning?” I asked.

“Let me guess , your sister stole your diary this morning and would not give it back so now your worrying about it,” Jamie said, with a weird look on his face.

“How did you know?” I asked, confused. Was he involved?

“She is showing everyone and now  everybody has seen it. Let me get this straight… you have a crush on Jackson,” Emma said, smiling. I felt like the ground was going to swallow me up!

The talking mirror(part 1)

Once upon a time-Long long ago, there lived a mum called Kate, a dad called Paul, 2 twins called Shannon and Bronwyn, the 2 twins had a horrible step-sister and brother called Alice and Jason.

One summer morning, the whole family went for  a lovely stroll in the Huntington community park and they saw a white fluffy rabbit and for some reason they saw that the rabbits paw was hurt, they were trying to find out what happened, Shannon saw a little glimmer in the distance and she said to her mum(Kate) “Mum I just saw something glimmer in the distance so can I go with you because i’m scared that I might hurt my self.”

As the family went over to the thing that was shining they found that it was a mirror and at first they were confused and then Bronwyn shouted out- DAD CAN WE KEEP THIS MIRROR FOR SOMEONES BIRTHDAY- Paul said,”We can’t have that mirror you don’t know if it’s someones do we no we don’t Shannon so please don’t take without asking, Shannon quickly ran over to Bronwyn and said to her,”Bronwyn look at dad he is picking up the mirror and he told us not to so why is he doing it him-self?”


Einstein(true story).

Albert Einstein was a German-born theoretical physicist. He developed the general theory of relativity, one of the two pillars of modern physics. Einstein’s work is also known for its influence on the philosophy of science. Here a true story that happened to him.

Einstein came home from school and was handed a letter to give to him mother. Then,  she shed a tear and Einstein asked what it said(he couldn’t read as he had dyslexia) and she said ,’Dear Albert’s mother, Albert is too smart for our school and we don’t have that smart teachers to teach him. Please home-school him.’

Albert and his mother worked really hard and he became the genius we know.

One day, Einstein was looking through his papers and found the letter that he was given from school(soon he could read and didn’t have dyslexia)and it said, ‘Dear Albert’s mother, we Albert can’t stay in our school as he is too behind and we can’t keep him in. Please home-school him.’

(His mother had died so he couldn’t complain)His mother had lied to him that he was too smart when he wasn’t to not upset him.

The Albert Einstein we know wasn’t always smart. Albert went from not so smart to an expert at theoretical physicist and philosophy of science.It just goes to show that you can do anything if you try. Don’t think you can’t do anything when you can.

Math Poem

Maths oh Maths what do you say??

Maths oh maths help me with array??

I am confused of fractions

But am really good with Subtraction.

Maths oh Maths what do say??
I’m not sure about formulas

But Maths is just A Phenomena

Maths,oh,maths  I love algebra

But they should learn it in Africa



A play script about Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles








Shredder(bad guy)


Foot clan leader(Shredder’s handyman)

Olaf(The Golden Ninja and hamster)

Kraang(Foot clan leader’s sargent)

Foot clan 1

Scene 1 Chapter 1

Narrator: 4 turtles became mutant and hid in the Sewers. There was a rat that turned mutant too! The turtles were trained by the rat and they became ninjas. The turtles were called Raphael,Leonardo,Donatello and Michelangelo. The rat was called Splinter.

Raph: Training is so boring. We shouldn’t have to do this. I wish we could choose what to do. What do you think leader?

Leo: I think we should train. What about you Donnie?

Donnie: I just want to make new stuff and be smart. What about you Mikey?

Mikey: I just want to eat pizza and have parties!

Splinter: I see you have finished training early? Now Leo I need you to lead the turtles into Shredders lair.

Leo: No problem sensei. Ok turtles let’s move.

Raph: Now this is going to be fun Leo.

Leo: Don’t get too excited Raph. He is powerful.

Donnie: Remember the plan.(Dramatic music)

Leo: Wait!(Dramatic music ends).We need a plan.

Mikey: I have a plan!

Donnie: Go on Mikey.(sigh)

Mikey: Eat pizza, watch T.V and have a party, a pool party in fact.

Raph: That’s the dumbest plan ever!

Leo: I have a plan! 

Donnie: What is it?

Raph: (Excited)Let’s hear it!

Leo:(In a deep voice) First, we take out…

Mikey:(Confused)What’s with the voice?

Leo: I don’t know. I guess I wanted to sound dramatic.

Raph: (Disappointed) Well don’t . It sounds stupid.

Donnie: For once(sigh) I agree with Raph.

Mikey: I just want to go home.

Narrator: Leo finishes his plan and they reach their destination.

Scene 1 Chapter 2

Leo:(Whispering) Let’s go.

Shredder: So the turtles are coming here Splinter? Well they won’t kill me! Ha ha ha ha ha ha!

Leo: Sensei is kidnapped guys. We have to save him!

Raph: Donnie go to the control room and shut it down take Mikey with you!

Donnie: Do I have to? (He turns to Mikey who’s heavily breathing on his neck)

Mikey: Please I will be very good and I’ll do a good job taking down the guards.

Raph: Me and Leo will head to Shredder’s hallway and stop him from torturing Splinter.

Narrator: Donnie shuts the power and Leo and Raph surprise attack Shredder and he is sent to jail and he doesn’t get out, or so it seems…

Scene 2 Chapter 1

Narrator: Shredder escapes in the middle of the night but April( a friend) sees him leave and calls Leo on her phone.

April: Hey Leo!

Leo: What is it April?

April: I saw Shredder escape prison and enter  an abandoned shop!

Leo: Thanks April.(Turns of phone) You hear that turtles? Let’s roll out!

Splinter: Why are you going so early?

Raph: Shredder has escaped so we’re gonna get him!


Narrator: They meet April and she tells them what shop to go in

April: It is the third shop to the left!

Leo: Ok. Thanks April(runs of).

Narrator: The turtles busted in and surprised Shredder.

Shredder: How did you find me so quickly?

Leo: It doesn’t matter Shredder.

Raph: Let’s get him!


Narrator: Shredder was defeated once and for all. But there is more.

Scene 2 Chapter 2

Narrator: The turtles forgot to defeat Shredder’s army so they rebuilt him but more stronger with better armor!

Foot clan leader: All better sir.

Shredder: Thanks(getting of the table). Now the turtles will be weak against me!

Narrator: Back at the sewers, the turtles are having a party!

Mikey: Time for some celebration pizza!

Donnie: Good idea! I just invented a party music player!(Turns it on)

Mikey: I love this song! And Shredder isn’t here to ruin it!

Narrator: While the turtles are dancing, Shredder bursts through the door.

Mikey: Aw! come on!(Getting his nun-chucks out)

Donnie:(Getting his weapon) we defeated him once, we can do it again!

Foot clan leader: Let’s get him boys!

Raph:(Getting his sais) But we took him out!

Foot clan leader: We rebuilt him!

Donnie: That’s impossible! There’s a 1% chance of that being possible!

Foot clan leader: But it is possible!

 Donnie: Stop with the maths, that’s my thing!

Shredder: I am more powerful than ever!

Donnie: Die Shredder!!

Narrator: Donnie hit Shredder but Shredder just flung him to a wall! Raph jumps on his back and holds him back while Leo attacks his head!

 Scene 3 Chapter 1

Narrator: The turtles have moved to a different location as Shredder know’s where the turtles live.

Raph: I hate this place it is so terrible!

Mikey: I love it! It’s an old pizza shop which is so cool!!!

Leo: Where is the training room?

Donnie: Where are our rooms? And where am I supposed to work?

Splinter: You sleep in the same room. The training room is downstairs and you do other stuff in your room.

Narrator: Meanwhile, at the old sewers, Shredder’s army searches and finds no-one there.

Shredder: WHERE ARE THEY?!!!!!

Foot clan leader: They must of escaped sir.

Shredder: Find them now!!!!!!!!!

Raph:(Walking down the street) The new base sucks… WHOA!

Narrator: Shredder caught Raph in a trap and took him to his lair.

Splinter: Raph has been caught by Shredder! Go go go!

Donnie:  Here we go again.

Mikey: I’m staying here!

Leo: Oh no. You’re coming with us(drags Mikey).

Mikey: No!(Grabs a slice of a pizza)

Narrator: The turtles reach shredder’s lair (Again) and rescue Raph


Shredder:How come I already have?

Narrator:The turtles break through the glass and save Raph!

Mikey: BOOYASHAKA (charging at Shredder).

Donnie: I’m glad I made this new machine. I call it the save-Raph-inator!

Leo: What? We saved him with our three fingers.

Narrator:  The turtles run back to the new base with the foot clan behind.

Foot clan leader:  Come back and FIGHT!!!!

Leo: NO!!!!!

Raph: (Turns to the foot clan) COME AND GET ME! (Throws his sais at the foot clan)

Mikey: (sighing) Why do we have to fight? I want to eat pizza!

Leo: Yes Mikey. We have to fight the foot clan.

Donnie: There is 98% of us winning against the foot clan and 2% of them winning against us!

Mikey: I have no idea what that means. But I have a plan.

Raph: (Sighing) It better not be about pizzas or home or parties!

Mikey: Oh! Never mind. 

Raph: Yeah. Good idea.

Leo: Retreat!!!!!!!!!

Narrator: The turtles went back to base but April was captured by Shredder!!

Scene 3 Chapter 2

Raph: What are we doing here? We should be on a rescue mission!

Leo: Patience Raph. We need a plan this time.

Donnie: I’m thinking of one but it might take some time for me to create a machine.

Mikey: In the meantime, I get to eat more pizzas!

Splinter: We don’t have time.

Narrator: At Shredder’s lair, April is told to tell Shredder where the turtles are.

April: I will never tell you!

Shredder: (Turns to his handyman) Turn it on!

Narrator: Shredder turns on a machine that can tell if the person is lying.

Donnie: What? I thought making machines was my thing!

Leo: Just go in, attack his guards and make sure no-one is left.


Mikey: No need to shout.(Eats pizza).

Narrator: The turtles knocked out the guards and saved April but Shredder escaped.

April: Thanks guys.

Leo: No problem.

Scene 4 Chapter 1

Narrator: The turtles (on the way home) found a (talking) hamster called Olaf.

Olaf: Hi. I’m Olaf.

Leo: You can come home with us.

Olaf: Thank you.

Raph: A talking HAMSTER!!!!! Ah!

Mikey: Want some pizza?

Olaf: Yes please. I am the Golden Ninja.

All turtles: Ha ha ha ha! A hamster can’t be the Golden Ninja.

Olaf: But I am!

Leo: If you are the Golden Ninja, then you need a lot of training.

 Splinter: Stop bullying the poor hamster.

Mikey: We’re not bullying him, we’re bullying him.

Raph: (Face palming) Mikey (sighing) THAT’S THE SAME THING!

Donnie: I agree with sensei. There is 4% of his kind left!

Olaf: What does that mean? (Eats pizza)


Olaf: Sorry. It doesn’t matter.

Mikey: It does if I saved all my money for it SO STOP EATING IT!!

Splinter: STOP BEING MEAN TO HIM!(Calms down).

Leo: Donnie. There are loads of hamsters left.

Donnie: I mean talking hamsters!

Raph: I thought talking hamsters DIDN’T EXIST!

Olaf: But I exist.

Leo: He does exist.

Mikey: He has a point. (Laughing at Raph).

Raph: I am so ANGRY(punches Mikey)

Mikey: Ow. Raph, you didn’t have to do that.

Raph: Yes I did.

Leo: Stop arguing!

Narrator: While the turtles are arguing, Shredder tells the foot clan to question everyone and search everywhere.

Scene 4 Chapter 2

Foot clan leader: Where are they?

Kraang: We are still working on it sir.

Foot clan leader: Find them!!!!!!!

Kraang: Yes sir. You heard the leader, get to it.

Foot clan 1: Yes sir.(Whispers) The pizza shop would be cool to look in.


Olaf: Get sorted turtles.

Raph: You’re not the boss Olaf!

Donnie:  (Getting his weapon) FIGHT!!!!!!

Shredder: Goodbye turtles! Get them!

Mikey: OK. Fight then eat pizza.

Raph: NO!

Mikey: Oh. Fine.

 Leo: Less talking more fighting!

Narrator: 2 hours later, the turtles defeated the foot clan.

Leo: It’s just you and us.

Donnie: There’s 1 of you and 4 or maybe 5 if you count Olaf.

Olaf: Hello Shredder. I am the Golden Ninja.

Shredder: A hamster the Golden Ninja? You have to be kidding me.

Olaf: I am Olaf. I am not kidding.

Shredder:(Having flashbacks of Olaf training him) Master? Is it really you Olaf?

Olaf: Yes my student.

Shredder: No it can’t be, can it?

Olaf: Yes. It’s true.


Olaf: Yes.

Donnie: (Confused) What?

Olaf: I trained him. Everything except ninjitsu. 

Leo:  The turtles know ninjitsu.

All turtles: NINJITSU!!!!

Narrator: The turtles went into ninjitsu mode and Shredder ran away.

Scene 5 Chapter 1

Shredder: RUN AWAY!!!

Foot clan leader: Yes sir…(As he gets blown away from an explosion).

Kraang: Ah!!!!!!(Gets blown away too).


Raph: Nah. I like seeing them run away!(Laughing). 

Mikey: Let’s eat pizzas!

Raph: NO! We need to train!

Leo: You NEVER ask to train Raph!

Raph: Well, today is different. I like training today.

Mikey: Let’s eat pizzas. But what’s wrong with Raph?

Donnie: I don’t know.(Sarcastically)

April: Don’t be mean Donnie. I could do an experiment on him.

Raph:(Screams). I AM FINE!!!

Donnie: You aren’t fine Raph. (Grabs Raph)

Narrator: At Shredder’s lair, Shredder is planning to destroy the turtles forever!

Shredder: Kraang. Take the foot clan leader and his foot clan to search the turtle’s home.

Kraang: Yes sir.  The new one or the old one?

Shredder: THE NEW ONE YOU IDIOT!(Whacks him with a baseball bat).

Foot clan leader: That wasn’t very nice.

Shredder: Do you want me to do it to you?

Foot clan leader: You heard him men.

Scene 5 Chapter 2

Narrator: The foot clan reached the new base and the turtles are about to fight.


Mikey: BOOYASHAKA!!!!!!!

Foot clan leader: AH!!!(Gets chopped up).

Raph: That was easy.

Donnie: There were 65 of them and 5 of us. But there was a 54% of us winning and …


Olaf: I didn’t need to get my Golden Ninja suit.

Leo: Sorry Olaf.

April: Aren’t you going to defeat Shredder?

Leo: Oh yeah. Turtles LET’S GO!

Narrator: The turtles bust into Shredder’s lair and go up to the roof to finally destroy Shredder.

Scene 6


Mikey: What type of soup do you like? I like PIZZA SOUP!

All turtles except Mikey: MIKEY! PIZZA SOUP DOESN’T EXIST!

Shredder: Stop talking, more fighting!!!

 Narrator: Olaf jumps in with his Golden Ninja suit on and turned into the Golden Ninja.


Leo: Whoa!! He is the Golden Ninja.

Raph: I don’t believe it! He was telling the truth.

Narrator: Olaf destroyed Shredder and his army so they were heroes in the end.

Olaf: YEAH! GO TEAM!!!

To be continued…

P.s. It took me a long time to make.

Book Review On Ghost For Sale

It is a really good, factual book and it kept me very interested, and I would recommend it to all of you!!

It’s about a very poor woman named Mrs Barclay who would like to sell a wardrobe to a man and his wife named Mr and Mrs Rundle! But what they don’t know is that the wardrobe is haunted, and all the servants at Canterbury Manor had left “because of the ghost!!!”


The Day The TMNT Turtles crossed the line of Shredder








Shredder(Bad Guy)

Kraang(Bad Guys)


26th December 2005

Scene 2, Act 7

Leo: (Feeling awesome) We need to go out to the streets!! Shredder could start even more trouble!!! 

Donnie:(Being smart)  I can create an amazing machine!! Because I am an amazing technical expert,along with a smart person!! 

Mikey: Heyyy!! That’s mean!!(feels abused) 

Donnie: I didn’t mean it like that! Also being a technical expert(Chatting away) 

Mikey: (whispers to others about Donnie) BLAH BLAH BLAH!! 

Splinter:Are you sure you would like to go to the streets??(Feels scared)

Mikey: Yeah Master Splinter! We haven’t been on the streets for 13 years!! You need to let us out!!(Happily)

Raph: I never thought I would say this, but Mikey’s actually right!!(Feeling jealous)

Mikey: And let’s just take a moment to celebrate this moment also known as OUR BIRTHDAY!!!!! Happy Birthday bros!! (Happily screams) 

Splinter: Very well my sons. Be careful!!!! (happily) 

All: YEAH!!!

April: Thanks for letting them out!! There is 2 excellent reasons why you let them out! 

  1. It will give us a chance to catch up with our training for me to FINALLY become a kunoichi (Female ninja)

2. It will give you some peace and quiet for ONCE!!! (Happily smirks) 

Splinter: OK. You will need to train loads, if you want to even think of defeating Shredder!!! You will also need to eat loads of pizza to keep your energy up!! (scaredly instructs) 


April: Good Luck Guys!!! Come on Splinter!! (feels energised)

Splinter: Have you all trained??(Bossily asking)

All turtles:Yes Master Splinter!!(shouts)

Splinter: Have you all been to the dojo to pray you will win??(asking bossily)

All Turtles:Yes Master Splinter!!(answers)

Splinter:Have you washed your face in the sink?They are disgusting up there!!(cleanly asks)

Mikey: UHHHHHHHH, noo. Can i quickly go and wash them??(feels embarrased) 

Donnie:GO WASH THEM!! (screams disgustingly at Mikey)

5 Hours Later

Kraang:I feel the turtles approaching. They could be here at any moment!! (smartly sensing)

Shredder: Hmmm, they are coming. I sense the disgusting smell from the sewers. Or it just might be me..(wonders)

Kraang: No, Master Shredder. They have approached. They have just entered the door. I just saw them from the window!! (looks smartly)

Leo: Guys, just before we go in there, we need to call April, and tell them about the crazy, but wonderful fight we are going to have!! (bossily leading)


Splinter: Hello sons, are you dead yet??(asks scaredly) 

Mikey: Guys, are we dead yet? I feel like we are… (doubts himself)

Leo: Mikey, no we are not dead. If we were, then we wouldn’t be stood right here, talking to our master!! Are you stupid or something??? (shouts and hits his head on hand) 

Mikey: UHHH, I think so!! (Pinches Himself) I must be dreaming!! 

Splinter: Oh ok, I will let you go. Me and April are doing some training!!!! (trying to find weapon to train with) 

April: (Kicks phone out of hand) Uhh, sorry guys!! I didn’t see the phone in his hand!! 


Leo: Guys, I think that the phone smashed. You guys know what April is like with her kicks!!! (scaredly worrying) 

Mikey: Yeah. We know. I think it’s time to fight for our life!! (excitedly shouting) 


Shredder: Well,well,well. If it isn’t the “LEAN,GREEN,TURTLES” I thought you’d never show up.(happily)

Chapter 3, Act 8

27th December 2005

Narrator: The turtles were readying themselves for the most biggest fight of their life!!

Leo: Guys, what do we shout to ready ourselves for a fight! (tests turtles) 

Rest of turtles:(shouts)  BOOYAKASHAAA!!!

Leo: (feels happy) Well done!! Just remember that you are going to be fighting the most biggest boss, bigger that Justin the mutant, bigger than Snakeweed, Bigger than Boxter Stackman!! 

Mikey: Shredder?? He’s no big deal!! What’s he gonna do??? (doubts Leo) 

Shredder: You’ll be surprised what  I will do to you!!!!!!! (threatening turtles)

Raph: If you want some, then come get some!!!!!! (angrily screams) 

Shredder: I pity you turtles even managing to defeat me!! You all seem unorganized!! You all seem not ready to fight me! Just leave, and I’ll find you, instead of you finding me!! (laughs)

Mikey: Yeah guys, Shredder’s right! We are unorganized, not ready to fight him and he defiantly can read our minds, but we need to remember one thing, don’t think whilst thinking!! (smartly thinks) 

Shredder: See, your dumb brother is correct!! You defiantly seem unready! Just don’t think whilst thinking and you will get out alive! Think whilst thinking, you get out dead, and won’t live to tell the tale of the day you will even think of defeating me!! (feels proud at Mikey)
Chapter 4, Act 9

Leo: Well, what do you expect us to do? You are the bad guy and we are the good guys!! We couldn’t make it any clearer!! You kill us, You find Splinter and kill him and get revenge, and then take over the world with your evil gang,Foot Clan, and Kraang!! (threatens) 

Shredder: I don’t even know why we are enemies! You haven’t done anything to me and I haven’t done anything to you! (happily hugs turtles)

Mikey: We should be friends!! Splinter will hate it, but he’ll come through and actually let you move in, as long as it’s just you!! ( hugs back to Shredder 



Shredder: I actually think I will!!! I will handle Splinter!! He will sooo get over i, I hope!!



Splinter: What is he doing here????? He shouldn’t even deserve to step in this house!! (Threatens) 

Leo: Well, he decided that he was going to take a turn of the worst, and become good!! (persuading Splinter) 

Shredder: Please take me in! (Starts to cry) I only meant to get revenge, not to start an big argument!!!

Splinter: OK!!! I believe you! (Sighs) Fine, you can stay! Just don’t bring anyone or anything bad to this place! 

Shredder: I promise!! (Hugs) Thanks for believing me, old friend!!