Puzzle morning

This morning (28.09.17)we had a visitor coming to do some puzzles with us.We were in teams of 4-6 peoples(In my team was Me, Yasmin, David, Dhruv and Nathaniel).We had to work together and show determination becouse the puzzles were really hard.Every one was helping, every one was sharing ideas, every one was working hard.For me the hardest bit was bulding the castle,which was made out of wooden blocks,  from the fotho.I thik  me and my team spend on it like a 10 minutes but we didin’t give up.Those blocks have holes in it from diffrent sides and that was makeing it hard.

Anyway, everyone had lot of fun with solving thos puzzles and that is the most important thing.

100 world challenge!

I was walking through the city  with a light bull in a bucket sadly the bucket fell of me hand and was lots of little rainbow things  and a creepy doll  . The doll was toking to me was aquard conversation .the doll was flowing me way home i jest came back from school and i don’t rember if I made the doll . the doll wacker me up in the middle of the night the next day the something over again hapand  before i throu awey the doll and the night the doll came back to my house again  i came  ……

I was walking the town then I saw that there was a robber in a subermarkt. The Robert was trying to steal some beads and marbles by smashing glass to get to them. Why would he want to steal marbles and beads? The manager called the police to get the rober in jail But I would not stop staring at the crime. The police turned up on the Scene to arrest the criminal! In the end the police put on the hand cuffs on the robber but they were to loose so the rober escaped and then he ran of.

100 Word Challenge

“Massive light bulb broken!” Is what the headlines screamed out to the people. “Who created the light bulb and what is the purpose of it ?” Everyone said. The light bulb was to bring light to everyone in the city! To repair and clean up the damage costs £5,000,000!!!!! “Now the light bulb is broken how will we get light?” Quoted a civilian. Then Thomas Edison had a life-changing, outstanding idea, that would change the whole world! He would make light bulbs for everyone, even make  his own company! Thomas Edison’s brilliant idea was so amazing we even use light bulbs today!

100 word challenge

one day there was a person who was randamly walking all of a sudden somethink was  coming was coming  down from the sky it narly hit he only just dojed it he was so lukky but the queston  is who done this beacuse it is very unuswas so he decided to go up to space he zoomed up to space he saw bubbling water shooting out light bolbs bihind it there was a window he went closer and closer there was a criminal in it he sot hum with a lather gunual we only wanted to know who it




100 word challenge

Once upon a time lived a man that was the same as others he had a normal live until one day… One day the man decided to go for a walk on the he found a light bulb filled with different coloured pebbles.So he descies to pick it up and he turns into a white man inside the light bulb and it droped the light bulb broke.He disen’t know what to do he was as tiny as an ant it was like a sea of pebbles he didn’t know how to get out.From that moment he has been forgotten forever…

100 Word challenge #2

One day there was a man who got woken up by a loud SMASH he wondered what it was. Later that day he  went to the shop, on his way he saw a light bulb that had loads of coulorful beads that came out. He got his friend to come look at it and they just didn’t know what to say! People came to help sweep it up so the mess would all be GONE!

A year Later

Do you remember that massive light bulb that got smashed? Yes I do it took ages to it  clean up. THE END

100 Word Challenge

The photo is about your ideas (Sounds a little bit weird?). When you don’t think or you don’t want to think those small people takes your ideas out of your brain but when you are thinking, those small people in your mind can’t get those ideas.On the photo those balls are your ideas, if you not thinking they are going out of your brain.Easy, less you thinking less you got ideas.The light bulb, like in movies when someone got idea or trying to think you will find it and when they don’t think you will not see it. THE END


100 word challenge

This is BBC news if you didn’t know the worlds largest light bulb shattered on the weekend and as you can see how huge it is compered to the tiny people on the picture [ they are as big as you and me ].

Well because of how big the light bulb actually is the A1 will be closed for a week as it decided to fall off of the hearse of Thomas Edison himself in 1931. Turns out it took so long the cleaner died and couldn’t get to the funeral because of all the sharp glass was in the way in 2000 .

100 WORD CHALLENGE!!!!!!!!!

One dark gloomy night i saw someone going to an underground train station so i followed him and he saw a beautiful expensive  pot full of things . He knocked over the pot then BANG!it echoed the station and he ran onto the train tracks where the power is. Disappointingly the man shut down the power then a train came and he jumped on the train so i did as well. When i jumped on i called the police then they came in 10 minuets they came and we both got arrested because we both weren’t suppose to be down there underground…