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Climate change is when the average  temperature increase  a lot in not very big amount of time.

It is very important because it can course  a lot of problems like floods.

We can have Electric Monitors that will turn everything at the end of the school and at the beginning of the school day they will turn all the staff on.


John Lewis ad 2017 #MozTheMonster

Once upon a time, there was a boy called Jeff that never tidied his disgraceful, disgusting room; his parents always told him off but he didn’t care about it. But one shocking day, his father (who was a mad scientist) brought in a chemical liquid into Jeff’s room for his chemistry test at his school. Unfortunately, his father tripped over a pile of T-shirts and socks and accidentally hit a dangerous beaker of chemicals -which was placed before hand- and the two chemicals got absorbed into the pile of T-shirts and socks.

The next morning, the pile of T-shirts and socks was shivering and shaking. Then ‘it’  emerged from the putrid-smelling, ancient pile of  dreadful, murky clothes; ‘it’ was an enormous,  muscular giant like no-one has ever seen before. The giant was so excited to be alive that he accidentally  knocked out Jeff’s father. Shocked, Jeff  suddenly fainted, after a few minutes he found himself in the giants gigantic hand. The giant was friendly to Jeff and became his friend after a few days so Jeff  named the creature ,Moz. Every night Moz snored and snored.. and snored but one night, Moz snored so heavily loud it woke up everyone in the house so his parents traveled up to Jeff’s room (in the attic) to investigate what was creating that peculiar noise. When his parents finally arrived to his ragged, tattered room Jeff heard and told Moz to camouflage itself  from his strict parents but the giant didn’t hide in time. The parents opened the door and came to the sight of a monstrosity. Jeff’s mother screamed then hurried downstairs; his father sprinted after Jeff’s mother to calm her down. As his mother hurried downstairs, she grabbed her phone and called the police.

As the police got closer and closer.. and closer, Moz was getting more and more scared. Moz tried to escape but Jeff wouldn’t let him escape  his grasp. Moz heard the police sirens coming and escaped through the window. In the gloomy night, Jeff opened his  window for Moz to come back but he never did. The next day, Moz found a open window to hide from the police. Moz climbed into the building and found a little boy called Joe. That was how they became friends.



#Moz the Monster!

Moz the Monster was fury and  grey – which was very friendly and had a gigantic  nose on his huge face. This huge nice monster lives under beds. Moz was taller then a three children on top of each other.He was the most friendliest and softest monster ever! He was very kind because he gave the little boy a wonderful present so he wont be scared of the dark anymore.His present was a night light, he gave him that because he was scared of the dark, when he put it on the monster went but when he turns it on again he came back then went.The boy was full of joy because of the present but he was sad because he had to say goodbye to the fluffy and kind monster.The light night was stars and planets. The monster named Moz was scary at first ,  but then the little boy got to know him and then they both became friends but the poor boy had a  consequence  by being really exasperated  at  , all his actives .Moz smells like rotten moldy slice of green cheese he also  has many toys stuck on him from under the worried boys bed.  The monster like the boy and they was best friends the monster thought he was helping the boy when he gave him present for Christmas but then he needed to leave so the boy got some sleep for energy. Moz the great massive monster  enjoys playing with the boy and don’t forget the toys as well! Hopefully Moz the monster will come back soon to see the joyful boy again!

Moz the monster

Moz the monster was really furry and he`s  got  a  fat  nose  and  he`s  fat.

Moz the  monster is a friendly monster who lives under people`s bed since he is a bed monster who can only appear at night.The monster is playful and keeps Joe up until about 1 in the morning so he is very tired in the morning and there is evidence in the short film since he keeps falling asleep.

The monster is about 10 feet tall and is massive and is twice the size and width of an average human!

When Joe first met the monster he was scared and the 2nd time he was annoyed since he was annoying and he farted (which is extremely rude) and the 3rd time they met the monster tickled him and he came out from under the bed  and they played for hours until Joe fell asleep one day and the monster decided to go get a night light for Joe so he would disappear  but when he got it he didn’t use it.

Joe didn’t use his nightlight because he liked the monster because he was his best friend and he loved to play with him.





I’ll get over you! (My anti-bullying poem.)

Your words they burn inside, 

But they will never scar.

You may keep pulling me back,

But I will still go far.

Your glares they explode like bombs,

Your smiles they draw me inside.

You make my emotions flutter,

Like one huge rollercoaster ride!

I hate it when you lie,

I hate it when you smile.

You try to make me cry,

But it will take a while.

Your mean, cruel and rude,

And I don’t know what to do.

But over time, Eventually

I’ll get over you!

You hurt me – Anti-Bullying Poem

I am like everyone else

I don’t know why no one will trust me

All of your words will hurt me

I hear you make jokes all about me


I get scares every time you say something to me

What are you trying to do to me?

I feel all alone

I am like everyone else


Are you trying to kill me?

what happened to our friendship?

You were always there for me

but now I can’t see you anymore.

Diary of a wimpy kid – long haul

On thursday we went to the cinema to watch the diary of a wimpy kid- long haul it was really fun now I am going to tell you a short review.If your looking for a fun movie for kids I would pick this one.

It is a really funny movie and I would really recommend this movie.Now let me tell you a bit about this movie it is all about a road trip that there going on and on the way they stopped at different hotels which gave them enime they also hurry to get to families party.There baby brother got a pig but he had to give it back and cried then they had issues getting there but they got there I won’t tell you how but it’s worth to see.They also got the pig neck and the baby brother learned to speak Spanish.

I would rate this movie a 5/5. You should go and watch the movie your self.Hope you watch it and I think the age group 6 and over would really enjoy it bye.


Diary of a Wimpy Kid – Review

Diary of a wimpy kid The Long Haul is a movie that we watched whilst we were at the movie center and we watched it for about 2 hours.

They were on a road trip (which was terrible the whole way). 

The mum wanted them to go to her mum’s 80th birthday party so they drove from America to India instead of going on a plane.

Before they went on the trip they ate at a place for babies and manny got stuck somewhere and Greg was the only one who could fit in to a climbing center and Manny went down the slide so Greg had to go down the slide face-first into a ball pit where he started to look for Manny since he disappeared somewhere in there and eventually he picked a diaper and he couldn’t take it off and everyone filmed him screaming “ITS A DIAPER!!!”over and over again and he went viral and became a meme and he was being reacted by everyone since it was posted on YouTube Instagram Facebook and even snapchat.

At the end of the  film the family made it to meemaws house and Greg landed in meemaws pool which was a big surprise and then they all arrived to see if Greg was ok and he was.

Penny Farthing

On Friday last week a man with a Penny Farthing came and the most surprising thing about the Penny Farthing was that he showed us how to get on and off of it.And what you had to do was there was a little step on the back of the bike and he had lift his leg over so that he was sitting on the bike but he said the seat is very comfy because there was springs.Also if there wasn’t springs then you wouldn’t have a comfy ride on it.And the other surprising thing about the bike was that they had a kids version of it and the actual Penny Farthing was green and black because it is very old and rusty but the kids bike was a yellow and blue version but it wasn’t rusty because it was obviously new.



Diary of the wimpy kid review!?.

first they introduced the main characters in the film which are the mum,dad,manny,Greg and Rodrick. Next they went to a restaurant and they were using a devices and they got told they weren’t aloud to use it so all of them put it in a bag. Then his little brother manny got stuck in a slide and his brother Greg got him out and he got a diaper on his hand. Everybody was recording him and started to call him diaper hands and Greg shouted It a diaper. Then they went back home and the next day they went on a road trip and they weren’t aloud to use there phones.
They  stoped at a shop and Greg and rogrick went to go shopping they go told to get stuff on the list but they got what ever they wanted. Then it got dark and they went to a hotel to stay the night.when they were asleep they woke up Greg with a bang from outside. Greg went out side and they kept on banging with a trolley then they hit there dads car and blamed it on Greg. The man tried to get  greg and he ran away and went to find Greg. The bearded man went back in to go sleep and Greg went into his house by accident then he got in the bed.then they both woke up at the same time and they both started screaming and the bearded man said WHY ARE YOU IN MY HOUSE and the boy Greg got away. His family said where were you and he lied by saying I went for a jog in his pants
they got back in the car and they started to get back,this time they stoped at a shop and the parents