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Penny Farthing

On Friday last week a man with a Penny Farthing came and the most surprising thing about the Penny Farthing was that he showed us how to get on and off of it.And what you had to do was there was a little step on the back of the bike and he had lift his leg over so that he was sitting on the bike but he said the seat is very comfy because there was springs.Also if there wasn’t springs then you wouldn’t have a comfy ride on it.And the other surprising thing about the bike was that they had a kids version of it and the actual Penny Farthing was green and black because it is very old and rusty but the kids bike was a yellow and blue version but it wasn’t rusty because it was obviously new.



The Diary of a Wimpy kid review !!!

My review on the Diary of the Wimpy kid is that it is sutible for kids all ages and adults to. I would give the movie a 10 /10because it is one of the funniest and best movie I have ever seen. One of my favourite parts  from the movie was when Manny the toddler reunited with the pig it was such a cute part from the movie.

The Characters are :

Greg (the main character and the middle brother)??

Rodrick (the oldest brother)??

Manny (the littlest brother)??

Mum and dad (the parents of Manny,Rodrick and Greg)????

Digby (Greg’s favourite gamer)?

The Beardos (the family who they met on holiday )?‍?‍?‍?

Mima (Manny,Greg and Rodricks nanny)






My morning with the happy puzzle company !!!

Activity 1: First we done the Ice and penguin challenge where we had to try and place all of the penguins onto the ice and our top tip was to put the penguins on the same block but the opposite side so that the penguins didn’t fall off. We also made our way from the bottom to the top so that if we worked our way from the top to the bottom we wouldn’t have knocked the penguins off with our arms. And we also chose to put a penguin on one at a time.

Activity 2:Next we done the road puzzle after we had done penguins I thought  it was the t hardest one because some of the pieces had no holes for the other pieces to go in so you had to change the whole thing for them to fit in to the puzzle.

Activity 3: After that we gone a hexagon shape filler where we had to put triangle pieces in the hexagon but we  couldn’t put the same coloured triangle next to each other so that on was also very hard.

Activity 4:Then we done Block castle building and on that one we had to build 2 castles with a picture to help us build it with but there was hardly any holes on the blocks to build it with but everyone had different ideas so we had to keep on taking turns until we got it right.

Activity 5:The see through pipes were really hard for me because you had to build the pipes with out having holes on the outside but luckily we had 2 hole blockers but it still didn’t make it easier which was surprising.

Activity 6: On the second to last Activity we had lots of different shapes to make a square and that felt like it was impossible but the lady gave us a clue which was the 2 bigger triangles go at the top to help us but we never got to finish it in time that shows how hard it is.

Last Activity:The last Activity was hypnosis we had 3 times to do it what we had to do was look right at the tiny dot for it to work but it only worked for some people it only worked one easy for me and the one time that it worked for me was where I looked at the wall and everything went fuzzy but then it went away after 10 seconds.

The Puzzle Activity was the BEST THING EVER!!!!!!


100 word Challenge

One day a little man called Ned  he was getting ready to jump in a land of happiness but then a vase smashed which was where he was going to jump in to go to the land of happiness and then he was pretty sad.

So he sat on he sofa at his house thinking how am I supposed to do because i really want to go on holiday.The people that he is wanting to go on holiday with is Fredrick and Bob.

His jobs are cleaning all of the hotel rooms in NYC so that no-one moans to people .