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Our choices

i want to take more responsibility by playing with my dogs and making them happy because i don’t spent as much time with them and i changed my mind. I changed my mind because i watched a video and it inspired me to do the right thing.I need to start  playing with my cat. I don’t spend a lot of time with my cat and i changed my mind because i saw people playing with a Bengal and being happy. Also i can take more responsibility by; behaving more, doing the right thing and making sure that every body is okay and not injured.

Diary of the wimpy kid review!?.

first they introduced the main characters in the film which are the mum,dad,manny,Greg and Rodrick. Next they went to a restaurant and they were using a devices and they got told they weren’t aloud to use it so all of them put it in a bag. Then his little brother manny got stuck in a slide and his brother Greg got him out and he got a diaper on his hand. Everybody was recording him and started to call him diaper hands and Greg shouted It a diaper. Then they went back home and the next day they went on a road trip and they weren’t aloud to use there phones.
They  stoped at a shop and Greg and rogrick went to go shopping they go told to get stuff on the list but they got what ever they wanted. Then it got dark and they went to a hotel to stay the night.when they were asleep they woke up Greg with a bang from outside. Greg went out side and they kept on banging with a trolley then they hit there dads car and blamed it on Greg. The man tried to get  greg and he ran away and went to find Greg. The bearded man went back in to go sleep and Greg went into his house by accident then he got in the bed.then they both woke up at the same time and they both started screaming and the bearded man said WHY ARE YOU IN MY HOUSE and the boy Greg got away. His family said where were you and he lied by saying I went for a jog in his pants
they got back in the car and they started to get back,this time they stoped at a shop and the parents


On Friday last week we went out side to see a Penny Farthing that William and his dad brought to school.  He told us some facts about the penny farthing he told us that the penny farthing was popular in the late 19 century. Also he said that the penny farthing would take a weekend to learn how to ride it and he told us how we to get on and off. You push the bike to a certain speed and then you come on and when you get off you slow down then jump off. William’s bike had wires because his was made earlier than he dad’s bike.


One suny glorious day we come to school and we go to the pink hall and the puzzle company comes in. They told us to get in a good group of 4,5 or 6 and then we had to do some very very hard challenges. The first cool challenge we had to do is get the dilapidated ring of the handcuffs. After that we had penguins and an ice berg  and we had to put all the penguins on. After 10 minutes of frustrating the person from happy puzzle company called Karen stopped us because we took too long. Next we had 20 pieaces of road tracks and we had to make it into a massive road track. Then we had blocks and a picture and we made the picture with the blocks but there was two challenging pictures. Then we got pipes to build out of  and we had two pieaces to block it

100 WORD CHALLENGE!!!!!!!!!

One dark gloomy night i saw someone going to an underground train station so i followed him and he saw a beautiful expensive  pot full of things . He knocked over the pot then BANG!it echoed the station and he ran onto the train tracks where the power is. Disappointingly the man shut down the power then a train came and he jumped on the train so i did as well. When i jumped on i called the police then they came in 10 minuets they came and we both got arrested because we both weren’t suppose to be down there underground…