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You hurt me – Anti-Bullying Poem

I am like everyone else

I don’t know why no one will trust me

All of your words will hurt me

I hear you make jokes all about me


I get scares every time you say something to me

What are you trying to do to me?

I feel all alone

I am like everyone else


Are you trying to kill me?

what happened to our friendship?

You were always there for me

but now I can’t see you anymore.

I was walking the town then I saw that there was a robber in a subermarkt. The Robert was trying to steal some beads and marbles by smashing glass to get to them. Why would he want to steal marbles and beads? The manager called the police to get the rober in jail But I would not stop staring at the crime. The police turned up on the Scene to arrest the criminal! In the end the police put on the hand cuffs on the robber but they were to loose so the rober escaped and then he ran of.