Diary of a Wimpy Kid – Review

Diary of a wimpy kid The Long Haul is a movie that we watched whilst we were at the movie center and we watched it for about 2 hours.

They were on a road trip (which was terrible the whole way). 

The mum wanted them to go to her mum’s 80th birthday party so they drove from America to India instead of going on a plane.

Before they went on the trip they ate at a place for babies and manny got stuck somewhere and Greg was the only one who could fit in to a climbing center and Manny went down the slide so Greg had to go down the slide face-first into a ball pit where he started to look for Manny since he disappeared somewhere in there and eventually he picked a diaper and he couldn’t take it off and everyone filmed him screaming “ITS A DIAPER!!!”over and over again and he went viral and became a meme and he was being reacted by everyone since it was posted on YouTube Instagram Facebook and even snapchat.

At the end of the  film the family made it to meemaws house and Greg landed in meemaws pool which was a big surprise and then they all arrived to see if Greg was ok and he was.

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