Diary of a wimpy kid – long haul

On thursday we went to the cinema to watch the diary of a wimpy kid- long haul it was really fun now I am going to tell you a short review.If your looking for a fun movie for kids I would pick this one.

It is a really funny movie and I would really recommend this movie.Now let me tell you a bit about this movie it is all about a road trip that there going on and on the way they stopped at different hotels which gave them enime they also hurry to get to families party.There baby brother got a pig but he had to give it back and cried then they had issues getting there but they got there I won’t tell you how but it’s worth to see.They also got the pig neck and the baby brother learned to speak Spanish.

I would rate this movie a 5/5. You should go and watch the movie your self.Hope you watch it and I think the age group 6 and over would really enjoy it bye.


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