Maths Question-previous SATS test

Mrs Rigby’s default

In this test Mrs Rigby made a silly mistake in a question, so now we are going to tell you how to solve it correctly.

The first step is to read the question carefully and thoroughly, even if you read it 100 times MAKE SURE YOU UNDERSTAND IT!!!!!!!

Next try and calculate the answer and check that you know what the question is asking you to do , from division to times to addition to subtraction.

Then you check your answer by doing the inverse to what                                                                        the question asked. After that if you see you have gone                                                                            wrong then double check what the question was asking                                                                            and then redo it.

Epic hard question explained

Here is a super hard question answered!


Can you find a 6-digit number that is the same number rounded to the nearest 100,000 and 10,000?


This answer is so annoying 🙁 !

It is obvious!

Are you ready?

It is………………………………………………………………


This is because rounded to the nearest 100,000 is 100,000 and to the nearest 10,000 is also 100,000!

Annoying, right?



Maths trick question!


news homework

Uber claims written English test will put thousands of drivers out of work.

Uber claims that thousands of its drivers will be put out of work. If Transport for London let them pass the English tests saying “The move creates indirect discrimination.

Lawyers for Uber said the transport body’s own calculations suggested that 33,000 out of the more than 110,000 private hire drivers in London would fail the test, which will be required for those who do not already have qualifications such as GCSE certificates.

Homework (Oscars 2017. )

Oscars 2017        

The following presenters, Warren Beatty and Faye Dunaway, wrongly announced La La Land as the winner, for the best picture. But La La Land creator, Jordan Horowitz, interrupts to say the real winner, Moonlight.

Viola Davis won her first-ever Oscar for best supporting actress. Mahershala Ali became the first Muslim actor to win an Oscar. And here are the other winners, Emma Stone won for best actress and Casey Affleck won the Oscar for best actor.


Jordan Horowitz, producer, La La Land.

” There’s a lot of love in this room, and let’s use it to create and champion bold and diverse work, that inspires us towards joy, towards hope and towards empathy! ” 

How To Do SATs Questions

This is a guide on how to do a multiple step question from the SATs (Standard Assessment Tests.)

Question 1

Plain Candles 35p each

Star Candles 60p each

Stripe Candles 85p each

Sapna buys 4 Star Candles and 2 Stripe Candles.

How many does she buy altogether?


Multiply 60p 4 times = £2.40p

Multiply 85p 2 times = £1.70p

Add them together = £4.10p

Question 2

Special Offer!

Buy 10 candles and get 50p off!

Josh buys 10 Plain Candles in the special offer.

How much does he pay for the 10 candles?


Multiply 35p 10 times = £3.50p

Subtract 50p = £3.00p

Thank You for reading!

The Oscar’s gone wrong

Some of you my be wondering, what is going on about the Oscar’s ! well they got it so wrong they gave the wrong envelope , Oscar’s to the wrong group  [ la la land. ] this might be the biggest mistake of there life. The people that we receiving the Oscar’s was so upset. La La Land producer Fred Berger said: “We lost by the way, but you know.” How would of you filled if you thought you have won but the  people said that is wrong and moon light won. People are talking about it all around the world ,hopefully they will not make that mistake again.


Facts about William Shakespeare!

William Shakespear was a play writer and a poet and loads of people used to laugh at the plays because they were good.He made plays such as Romeo and Juliet,Hamlet,Macbeth and other good plays. But he wasn’t famous until he died because he was quite poor now they make his plays into books and films to remember him. He was around in the Tudor times and he died in 1616 and he died on his birthday which wasn’t good at all. He was born in Stratford-Upon-Avon and then he moved to London.

My dream pet

My dream pet would be a puppy husky and my wish would be it could be a puppy forever- reasons why this dog is my dream pet:

  1.  Its eyes are adorable, because they are shiny and sky blue( which is my favourite colour).
  2.  Its skin is extremely soft and silky.
  3.  Its so fun to play with.
  4. They are not vicious and easy to train.