March 5th, 2018

Descending towards the ground in the February breeze,

thick blankets of snow crunching underfoot,

snowy glades laying before us,

will it ever end? 


my favourite chocolate snacks

March 5th, 2018
My favourite chocolate snacks are maltesers because when you eat one you instantly want more of them   and my mum lets me because she thinks there very small and not very filling . They are pretty big and very filling so I just love maltesers .Maltesers melt in your mouth and that makes the maltesers taste stay in you mouth before you anything else which I insist on not doing until you very hungry. Maltesers are small round chocolaty  balls that taste like chocolate mouse .

Cat in the window

March 5th, 2018

Cat in the window,

What do you see?

Clouds, wind, birds,

A bird in the tree.

The daffodils shivering

in the February breeze,

A puddle in the road

Beginning to freeze.

Snow in the wind,

Dusk in the cloud.

Leaves in a storm,

The birds head cowed.


Why We Should Stop Cimate Change

February 22nd, 2018

Why should we stop climate change?

Well if the world kept on going like this lots of the oceans animals would die of the climate. The Artic has lost already 1000,000, tones of ice and that has caused sea rising. 

What are people doing?

All the people are doing something in the world. Mexico has a public area which removes the carbon coming from cars 1000 a day. Norway has more energy than it needs and England are making lots of energy making windmills.

What can we do?

We could use public transport like a bus or walk instead of a car. People should switch off any electronics in the room if you are not using it. Using less plastic bottles. Using recycled meat or veg as compost and finally telling your ideas to others.



Brilliant Building

January 14th, 2018

This week we have had some fantastic Aztecs temples built with Lego for homework. Well done!

Mog’s Christmas Calamity

January 3rd, 2018

On Christmas Eve, everybody  was sleeping.Mog had nightmares and at night he flicked his tail violently.Everyone was dreaming about Santa and what he would get them.

In the morning Mog woke up and started walking on the kitchen table.There were chestnut inside the oven and he stood on the button.The chestnuts were about to come out ,it started to over cook and started popping like popcorn.Pushing the oven door open,all the smoke went in Mog’s face.Mog accidently put both of his feet on the telephone number.It called the fire engine, the people were saying hello but Mog couldn’t talk because he’s a cat.Mog  jumped on the clock because he got frightened and fell but he jumped off just in time.Something bad happened to Mog, the clock hit a present,the present hit the cable and the cable pulled and came off.

Shining lights fell on Mogs tail. Early when Mog stood on the phone he called fire engine .Mog ran and tried to get the light off his tail.Just in time the fire engine arrived.The  people got out and got the smokey turkey and they sprayed it so it didn’t burn.

When the fire engine went, Mog’s owner arrived.They all went inside and said “I can’t wait to celebrate Christmas “. They all went inside and all they saw was burnt smoke swishing everywhere. Everyone who lived near them came and said “do you want to celebrate Christmas with us” they said “yes” and everyone was happy even Mog because he got his egg.

Mog’s Christmas calamity

January 3rd, 2018

On Christmas Eve night, everyone was dreaming sweet dreams except Mog – Mog was having a terrible nightmare. Mog was waging his tail and it knocked over Christmas cards and the cards knocked a ball. The ball turned on the oven. Mog jumped onto the oven and all the pots and pans fell off.


After that, Mog leaped onto the table. As he was getting onto the table, knocked everything off and smashed it. Like fireworks, the chestnuts were popping everywhere and shattering everything it hit.

Then he broke a lamp and jumped onto a clock that then fell over. Thankfully Mog was okay.Mog ran outside and stopped the fire engine that Mog accidentally called when he stepped across the table.

When the fire fighters went inside, they found a burnt turkey in the oven and they quickly put it out. Everything was destroyed they thought they had no Christmas.

They thought their Christmas was ruined but their neighbours shared their Christmas with each other.Finally Mog got his egg.

Mog’s catastrophes

January 3rd, 2018

One quiet Christmas Eve ,everyone was sleeping with the best dreams but not Mog he was having a nightmare!!!  Clumsily he wrapped around the Christmas lights that knocked the cards,  that knocked a ball, that turned the oven on. By the time it was morning, Mog saw a weird black smoke from the oven. Mog was curious to find out what it was. He jumped over he stood on the handle…a puff of smoke went in Mogs face, his face was black .

Frantically, he tried shaking it off, he knocked stuff off. Luckily,  he stepped on the 9 and did the same again on the phone then a wine bottle fell on the 9. The fire service were dialled.


January 3rd, 2018

It was Christmas Eve at the Thomas house.Every one was having sweet dreams, every but Mog. Mog was having a nightmare. The children were dream about what Santa might bring them. Mr Thomas was dreaming of a new bat.  Mrs Thomas was dreaming of something else.

Mog had a nightmare. He was dreaming he was flying and evil robins were trying to bite him with sharp teeth.

His tail  got caught in a Christmas light. It turned on the oven .Mog opened it and black smoke cam out of it .Mog accidentally dialled 999, it answered. He climbed onto the table knocking everything down from it.

He jumped on the fan and it started spinning, going round and round. Mog couldn’t hold on any longer. He slipped off and onto the clothes.

Mog fell on the clock, which fell on the Christmas tree. Mog jumped off of just in time onto the presents. The light bulbs blew and then the tree fell down on the floor.

Mog runs away but he heard a noise. Then back home the fire engine followed Mog to the,mrs,Debbie and Tom got out safely

Mog’s christmas clamity

January 3rd, 2018

One night, every one in the town was fast asleep having nice happy dreams but Mog was having a bad dream. It was a bunch of crows, horrible crow. They had red bellys so you know the were horrible.

Slowly, Mog opened the oven and tonnes of grey smoke came out and Mog’s face  was full . It was very unexpected when Mog pressed 999 on the house phone. It was very helpfull.

Then he was on the fan and held on with his life. Then he  face planted the clock.It was crazy he all most died… 

As soon as possible, the fire men came and saved them all but there was a problem they had nowhere to live or have Christmas.

So every one had Christmas with each other and in the end Mog got his egg.