Mog’s Christmas Eve

January 3rd, 2018

On Christmas Eve, the whole town was coated with white, crunchy snow and in one of these houses, there was a cute cat called Mog. Mr Thompson was dreaming of a brand new bat and Mrs Thompson was dreaming of something else. But Mog was having a nightmare.He suddenly woke up and jumped on the stove and he accidentally turned it on and the turkey burnt. Chestnuts were popping everywhere and it was causing chaos!

Mog got really scared so he jumped on the clock and the clock fell but luckily he didn’t get hurt. But then smoke was going everywhere and it was going towards Mog. He got so frightened so he dashed outside. Somehow, the fire engine arrived and the Thompson family looked very devastated when they looked at the fully burnt house. They got the burnt turkey outside and spread some fire extinguisher all over the turkey. Mog looked very guilty but he actually saved the day. An old lady suggested a medal but they chose egg for Mog. But there was no egg for Mog, there was no Christmas.

Then everyone came and shared Christmas. They helped build the house again so that Christmas wasn’t destroyed. It was very hard work but they managed to do it. Mr and Mrs Thompson got the groceries because everything got burnt. They cleaned everything, shared some food and had Christmas lunch. Mog finally got his egg! Christmas is for sharing.

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