Mog’s christmas clamity

January 3rd, 2018

One night, every one in the town was fast asleep having nice happy dreams but Mog was having a bad dream. It was a bunch of crows, horrible crow. They had red bellys so you know the were horrible.

Slowly, Mog opened the oven and tonnes of grey smoke came out and Mog’s face  was full . It was very unexpected when Mog pressed 999 on the house phone. It was very helpfull.

Then he was on the fan and held on with his life. Then he  face planted the clock.It was crazy he all most died… 

As soon as possible, the fire men came and saved them all but there was a problem they had nowhere to live or have Christmas.

So every one had Christmas with each other and in the end Mog got his egg.

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