Mog’s Christmas Calamity

January 3rd, 2018

On Christmas Eve, everybody  was sleeping.Mog had nightmares and at night he flicked his tail violently.Everyone was dreaming about Santa and what he would get them.

In the morning Mog woke up and started walking on the kitchen table.There were chestnut inside the oven and he stood on the button.The chestnuts were about to come out ,it started to over cook and started popping like popcorn.Pushing the oven door open,all the smoke went in Mog’s face.Mog accidently put both of his feet on the telephone number.It called the fire engine, the people were saying hello but Mog couldn’t talk because he’s a cat.Mog  jumped on the clock because he got frightened and fell but he jumped off just in time.Something bad happened to Mog, the clock hit a present,the present hit the cable and the cable pulled and came off.

Shining lights fell on Mogs tail. Early when Mog stood on the phone he called fire engine .Mog ran and tried to get the light off his tail.Just in time the fire engine arrived.The  people got out and got the smokey turkey and they sprayed it so it didn’t burn.

When the fire engine went, Mog’s owner arrived.They all went inside and said “I can’t wait to celebrate Christmas “. They all went inside and all they saw was burnt smoke swishing everywhere. Everyone who lived near them came and said “do you want to celebrate Christmas with us” they said “yes” and everyone was happy even Mog because he got his egg.

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