January 3rd, 2018

On Christmas Eve, all of the Thomas family were having sweet dreams all of them were enjoying the night, all of them except Mog. He was having a nightmare! But as he lifted his tail with the Christmas lights, he knocked over a pile of books. 

Sleepily, Mog hit a ball, which turned on the oven.  When Mog woke up he saw smoke coming out of the oven. As quick as he could, he scrambled up to the oven. When  Mog opened the oven, his face was covered in soot. Then he accidentally called nine nine nine, he heard the voice, he jumped on the table and pulled all of the things off the table: Leaving a huge mess . Suddenly, he heard popping noises like firecrackers. Chestnuts hit all cups, eggs and other things, swiftly Mog jumped on the ceiling fan, he flew off onto a pile of pillows and got onto the grandfather clock. It fell down hit the plug and exploded all of the tree lights. Suddenly a thick area of smoke appeared. As quick as a flash he dashed outside.

Clumsily, Mog got some Christmas lights on his feet and tripped on some snow and down. A team of fire  en appeared and saw the lights and went in the house. They found the black like coal-turkey and sprayed it with a fire estinguisher.

Sadly, all of the Thomas family thought there was no Christmas left, they would all be sad and unhappy.

Happlily, all of the neighbours were joyful to share their Christmas with them. Finally Mog got his egg.


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