Dick and Dom

October 11th, 2017

As a plane flew past a man jumped out of a moving plane it was so cool ,I could not move it was so so awesome!! Then when he landed in my garden!  I saw who it was and it was Dom.  I felt like I was dreaming so I stuck a pin in my arm but it was not a dream it was really him. I thought, I’ve got to give him a cup of tea and bit of chocolate.

Then I heard a big bang so I had a look who it was and it was Dick. So then I let him in and gave him some tea and chocolate. I had some too  They told me so many stories about their adventures, it was so cool. We had some dinner and when we finished, Dom asked me what year is this.

I said ‘Why?’

‘Just tell me,’ he said.

‘It is 2017 then,’ I said. Suddenly they left.

‘Mum guess who was in the house? Mum mum!’ I shouted.

What is this a note? WE HAVE YOUR MUM IF YOU EVER WANT TO SEE HER AGAIN COME TO THE PAST AND GET HER !!!!!!!!! Then I made an invention to blast me in to the past so that I could get my mum back.

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