My Party

This is a blog post about what happened at my party! Enjoy!
First I shall introduce the guests, Rose, Ellie, Lilly, Daisy, Maisha and Sophie. We all met at the cinema but Maisha was running a bit late so I opened my cards in the meantime. I got £10 out of Daisy’s card, I decided to spend it on something everyone could have together, THE FAMILY SPECIAL! (Even though we are not a family we are close friends, I like to think of them as my family sometimes) P.S Lilly is in the meal, not the movie
Then we ordered our tickets, in the time my father was doing that, we met somebody. I always see him around in the cinema with his puppet, he showed me a magic trick! It was awesome! Then he got some beads and made this really cute pet dog, it was adorable!
The movie had started, we watched The Boss Baby, it was so cool, Maisha still hadn’t made it so when we were about a quarter way throughout the film, my dad decided to check if she was there and she was! We all shared the big popcorn meal together, I also ordered a Tango Blast as my drink.
The film had ended and sadly Ellie had to go because it was her Grandad’s Birthday. Happy Birthday Ellie’s Grandad!
So then we all ended up at my house, we contacted Lilly’s mum to say we were coming because we decided to eat the cake at my house then rush to Wetherspoons, the place we’d eat our food at. We also played on my VR Headset before we ate and went to Wetherspoons.
We all had to order a Kids Meal for it to be cheap for my dad to pay, it was really nice! We all ended up agreeing that we would do the Mustard And Hot Sauce Challenge, Daisy loved the mustard and hot sauce! I didn’t think she was still a human!
Then we had to drop everybody home, to their houses, it was quite sad watching them go, as for Maisha, she got to stay at my house until 5:00, then she had to go right when my cousin had come, Rose!
Rose used the tutorial on how to use the VR Headset. Then on my mother’s phone, we downloaded both of the apps Episode and Heads Up! We started the story “Falling For The Dolan Twins” then all of a sudden, the episode left on a cliffhanger so we had to wait for 3 more hours until we could get more passes, that’s how I ended up downloading Heads Up, we played for 3 straight hours until…
The passes were refilled! Yay, goodness glory all around!
After Rose kept on boasting about a boring story that made me fall asleep, Rose left, it was midnight. Then everyone fell asleep as due to the time.
Did you know?
Did you know, by the approximately 14th of April I will have £77, I’m not kidding! And I’ll also have my own personal Bank Account! Awesome!


That concludes my blog post about my party!
I hope you enjoyed reading this!

My Chinese Day

So to get things started, I’m Sharine, and I’m going to be telling you all about Year 4 and 5’s Chinese Day – Enjoy!
To kick things off we looked at our TimeTable to see what groups we’re all in, I was Group 1, there were 6 groups. Group One firstly took a class on how to make some awesome Chinese lanterns by the lovely Mrs Timmis! I loved the lesson and I know others did aswell!
After that, we went to Mrs Delaney’s classroom (filled with Chelsea items, no hate) and tasted some different Chinese teas, Mrs Delaney exclaimed that the Lapsong Souchong tea is her favourite, other people really disliked it, first the smell and second the taste. We were only allowed to taste 3 different teas. 
It was breaktime and straight after my group made some beautiful Willow Pattern Plates with Mr Dyer, I loved this lesson and I also liked working with Demi!
We then did some fierce dragon dancing, it was awesome I loved how both groups managed to co-operate together as it was quite difficult!
Finally, we did some ChinEasy cards and drew the symbols on our piece of paper then the minion-loving teacher known as Miss Willcocks let us do some charades just for fun at the end to reward us for surviving through this tough but eventful day – The Awesome Chinese Day!


Hope you've enjoyed this, I put a lot of effort so it came from my heart - THANK YOU FOR READING THIS WITH CARE! <3 :P ;D ;P :D

Chinese day!

On Chinese day we did lots of activities these are what we did tea tasting, making a Chinese lantern,panting wilo patterns, learning Chinese words , making shadow puppets and dragon dancing the thing which I liked the most was making lanterns it was a amazing day on Friday.


Traveling to the saturn.

  1. Midnight ,time 23:30 year 3089                            “Time to go jack “said Ben. “Are we in space now?jack asked.” We made it ” .”hello team we have a mission for you”the radio said to the crew.”ok what’s the mission “jack asked. “Well we found out that something is happing on mars well like something went out of ground”.”ok we’re coming in” . 18 HOURS LATER . “Go go go” shouted commander ” jack Ben go”he shouted . “Were on mars what is this ” said jack . “I guess a temple …what do these words mean “Ben asked . ” I learnt them before it says , you have to go to Saturn or thr dark will destroy the universe “jack answed…

Chinese day

On Friday 17th March 2017, Year 4 and 5 had Chinese Day. My group, group 1, first made lanterns that were easy to make. After that, we tried Chinese tea but it wasn’t very tasty. With it we had egg rolls and cake. After break, we painted willow pattern plates from a story and then we did dragon dancing with cardboard boxes. After lunch, we made shadow puppets and that was fun. For our last activity, we did easy Chinese using the Chineasy cards.

My favourite activity was the tea tasting because we had delicious egg rolls and sweet cake.

I didn’t actually choose to be a gage girl, but I thought the costume looked very nice. It wasn’t red but it was Chinese. I used my knitting needles in my hair.

Chinese day !

Chinese day-17/3/12

On Friday years 4&5 took part in six actives,I was in group 4 so  first I did the dragon dance. I got left behind as the last lesson was willow plate,I panited to doves . My favourite lesson was easy Chinese,Charlie and Ellie mai tested me and I got 10/10!

Chinese day

My favourite activity was Chinese lamp making because they looked like real Chinese lanterns.

I wore a ninja outfit because my mum put a dragon on the back.

I found the tea tasting interesting because  i liked the oolong tea and because it was fun.

I would like to learn more about Chinese words because  like chinese.

I would recommend the easy chinese to my brother because i want him to learn chinese.