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What i did today!

Today I woke up when I woke up I gone to brush my teeth so I did got my tablet and gone on YouTube and watch some videos. gone down stairs at 8:00 and made breakfast and watch TV. mom woke up then at 9:00. gone on Xbox at 1:00 and i had pizza it was yummy. Mum had to go St Ives to do nails for some people so now I’m at St Ives have to stay there for 10 or 11 clock at night it was boring. I wish i could Stay at home because I was relaxed. So I’m going subway tomorrow. I was happy.

Mog’s Christmas Adventure

On Christmas Eve, the dad really wanted a baseball in his dream mum liked to have Mog and a man in his dream.

Awkwardly, Mog had a terrible dream it was mog flying then crazy birds tried to get him.

A few minutes later, Mog was playing with his ball when he was playing with ball switched the oven on the turkey was in the turkey burned he open the oven. lots of smoke came in the kitchen and in the live in room.

Jumping in fear, Mog climbed on the fan and he spun lots of times he Called 999 all the things on the table fell and it was dirty.

A new morning, Mog was on top of the tall anti clock mog fell on top of Xmas tree the socket stoped working and the Xmas tree burned to dust.

Inventholy , the fire pergate came and mog came out the house the fireman came with a red key to smash the door open.

The fire man, got the turkey and stop it burning.

Sadly, Mum and dad was really sad they thought it was no Xmas any more.

Never in my life, everyone in the naber hood came to help mum dad and mog they herd they didn’t have Xmas but people Share with them and they had Xmas.

Suddenly, Mog saved the day, he did not wanted a Meadowhall he wanted a boiled egg , his favourite.