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We could prevent climate change by trying to persuade people to change the sea level if they’re brave because it’s going to high so we need it low.

Mog’s Christmas Eve

Suddenly, Mog’s family was sleeping on Christmas eve, but Mog wasn’t sleeping he was having a nightmare. Mog was a flying cat and there was a bird behind him and the bird was about to bite Mog, then Mog got caught with some of his family’s Christmas lights and then he ran. Mog fell onto the table and then all the food fell of the table because he jumped from the cooker onto the table and just made it and he knocked the cooker open.

Courageously, the fire brigade came and then they brang the dirty, burned turkey and when Mog opened the cooker smoke fired out at him so he ran and jumped onto the clock and it fell down.

Clumsily, Mog got caught up with the Christmas tree lights and chestnuts were popping when he was running out from the smoke and then Mog saw the fire brigade truck who went inside and got the burned turkey out.

Violently every single part of their Christmas was ruined so all of the were out and the Christmas tree was on the floor aswell as all the food and the blanket that the food was on.

Tearfully everybody who had a lovely Christmas saw that Mog’s family didn’t, so they shared all of their presents with Mog’s family and they helped them put all of their decarations up for the rest of December.