Mog’s Christmas calamity

On christmas eve,the children that lived in the house were dreaming about how santa looks like in real life and mom and dad were dreaming to. Dad was dreaming about having a new bat to play cricket but mum was dreaming about something else. But there was one more person his name is mog. Mog was dreaming that he was flying but behind him there was a bird trying to get him.

Just then, when Mog was sleeping, his tail was rapidly hitting the lights. Then, the light hit the cricket ball and it turned the oven on. After a while, Mog woke up he smelled something coming from the oven.Then the black, smelly steam was coming out. He walked on the telephone and called 999 and then he jumped on the table cloth and then all of the food fell on the floor. The fire engine heared everthing falling down. Then Mog was trying to avoud the chestnuts popping into him a messing up the house up like popcorn. Soon, Mog jumped onto the clock. Then the clock crashed down next to the presents. Mog jumped on the presents and jumped on the table behind him.Suddenly all of the lights fell of the christmas tree and the christmas tree crashed down on the floor.

All of a sudden, Mog ran out with lights on him and he ran through the he ran out on the road.

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  • swillcocks

    20th December 2017

    Well done Emilia! You have repeatedly started sentences with ‘then’ – what other ways can you think of to add more interest for your readers?


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