Mog,s Christmas calamity

On christmas eve the thomas family were having sweet dreams but mog wasant he was having a horribal nightmare his tail was violently wagging his tail.Mog was running on the stove and it turned on the stove and mog burt himself and he burnt the turkey and smoke goes every were and causes mayhem.

The young cat Mog jumps on to the massive clock and it falls down and chestnuts pop every were like rapid bullets and it wouldent stop and neally fell on the presents and he called 999 and wakes every one.

The next morning,the fire bragade came to the thomas’s house was burnt by the burning hot oven. inside the house the burning turkey got fire extinguished.

All of the neighbors help rebuild the house and redecorate and make it brand new again with new furniture and new turkey.

Mog has his own egg given by the neighbors they said mog deserves a gold shiny medal but instead he got a fresh new egg.

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