Mog’s Christmas

Softly , Mog was sleeping on Christmas eve and Mog`s tail started wagging , Mog was having a very bad nightmare and everyone else was fast asleep and they. Mog accedetilly got tangled in lights that were ment to go around the Christmas tree and around the house

Mog wokeup and saw something burning in the oven and jumped on the phone and called the fire crew , what was burning was a turkey and it looked black from the outside of the oven.

The fire crew got to the Thomas house just in time to rescue the burning turkey out of the oven and when they took it out smoke came out and hit the fire man in the head and face lukcily he was wearing a protective mask which goes over his face

The Thomas family thought that there was no Christmas for them. Their neighbours shared their Christmas with the Thomas family. The Thomas family were having a nice Christmas .

After Christmas the Thomas family neighbours helped them tidy and clean all the mess that Mog made.

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