100 word challenge

In the morning,the hamster woke up and played in his cage.Whilst,Mrs Spencely was in the kitchen.But the hamster went out of his cage and went down stairs he escaped from the stairs and went to the park.When Mrs Spencely went back to his hamster’s cage it wasn’t there anymore .Mrs Spencely was terrified that what will she tell everyone at school they will be disappointed .So she had to go and search for it.Fortunetly,she found the hamster din the park and put it in the cage and lock it so it won’t go away again.The end of his adventure !

What I did Yesterday in maths

In maths we were rounding 2 digit numbers 3 digit numbers and 4 digit number maybe even 5 digit numbers .We had to round to the nearest 10, 100 or 1000 choose to round to the nearest 1000 I finished all the questions.How  we did it is that  if we were rounding to the nearest 1000 is that you look at  the 1000 column if it is more than 5 or 5 it rounds up  and when it is 4 or less it rounds down.Like 1234 would round to 1000 not 2000 because 2 rounds down.



by Ioana


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