The Iron Man flying to Australia 🇦🇺

One casual day,the Iron Man definitely wanted to meet the Space-bat-angle-dragon.So he is walking around his home and finds a trampoline and jumps on it to try and reach space where the Dragon lives.But it doesn’t work…So the next day he goes to the dump and finds things to make a JET PACK!

He makes it but ended up falling asleep half way through.Often,he doesn’t but he wants to it out.1….2….3…quickly he pressed all 3 buttons ZOOM! off he goes.Meanwhile,people probably thought that he is a ginormous and vast aeroplane and the aeroplane is over the moon.

Between the sea and the sky,the Iron Man meets the Space-bat-angle-dragon.”You are not an angel you are a piece of trash” Shouted the Iron Man.But the Dragon couldn’t hear him so the tries to bite the Iron Man approaching causiostly.

The Space-bat-angel-dragon starts a fight “I can beat you”said the Iron Man evilly.Then all of a sudden the dragons guts burst out like a volcano.

Written By 11parisn

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