My version of the Iron Man!!!

One day,as I was walking up the dangerous steep cliff,I was eating the delicious barbed wire which was surrounding the fields. The barbed wire was as sharp as a shark’s tooth.

While I was eating the prickly wire I heard a noise. It was like something is being put together,it was also like ” CLICK , CLICK , CLICK ” and there it was again ” CLICK , CLICK , CLICK .”

I followed the noise and then I started to run but I fell into a massive trap ” CRASH” I tried to get up but I couldn’t and the walls were as hard as a man sniping a deer.

Then the humans came and tried to get me out by shooting me and I did and ran fast as I could but they had shooting jets shooting me along. I got tired but I couldn’t stop so I jumped and landed on a building but it wasn’t strong enough for my weight so it fell and I exploded…


Written By 11reubenr

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