My diary from the viewpoint of Tiki Tiki

Dear, Diary,

Today I was shocked because my clumsy brother Chang, fell down the deep, dark and gloomy well.

 I sprinted as fast as I could to get my mother. She told me to get the old man with the ladder, to quickly get him out.

I ran as fast as a cheater to get to the old man, I was anxious and worried because my brother had been in the well for so long. I did not know if he would  survive the fall or beeing in the freezing cold water.

Next,   I got to the old man and explain to him that Chang  had fallen down the well  we nervously hurryed  to get my little brother out of the deep dark and dangerous well 

The old man got him out of the well with his trusty old ladder. The ladder was as long as a  giraffe neck. The old man fixed him up so he was as good as new.



Written By 11ayeshac

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