China Facts


We are going to teach you about Ancient China 🇨🇳 

Great Wall Facts:

The Great Wall Of China is made out of stone bricks,tamped earth,and wood.It is used to protect China from any invaders!The Shang Dynasty used 300,000 soldiers and 500,000 men. They did not use any ladies to help build the Wall as they needed ‘MANPOWER‘!

My name in Chinese:

My name in Chinese is Pei Qi . My name means numerology definition,origin and popularity.

Chinese Food:

In China,they eat very interesting foods and some  foods I eat too. Some of the very interesting foods are Devil eggs,silk worms,tofu,puffer fish and dogs. Some delicious foods are noodles,sea food,rice,soy sauce,chicken pots and egg!But there’s  many more!

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