My favourite lesson this week

This week my favourite lesson was  doing my calculation for maths because it was a big challenge for me and I felt proud of my self  for achieving the challenge.  I remember when I first wasn’t sure about doing maths .I was a very shy person when I knew that I was going into year four I never knew that  I could have such a helpful teacher help me with maths.  I was proud of myself when I finished that it was a good challenge now I understand maths more and this is why it’s my favourite  lesson this week.

By Diana




Finest lesson of this half term

On Thursday we went to a lesson of gymnastics and learnt some new skills and we got better and better even though we had failed some times we tried harder.The gym coach taught us to do a good cartwheel so we could land it.The gym coach was really impressed with us he thought we were pros.


On Thursday we did gymmnactics. It was very hard but for some people it was easy. We did cart wheels , rolly polys and we worked as a team. Some people failed but others did good but then it was time to stop the lesson and we had to put our shoes and socks on and go.

STEM week

STEM week was amazing.

During the week we got to make Cotten candy with mrs suwell.

In STEM week we created  a  Irigation system and put it in our allotment and put You water in it , had fun we learnt that not only you can buy it online but you can make it .

We went around year four and made a load of sounds with diffrent matiarial ,shared what sounds we made with the class

  • Freddie??
  • Diana??

Well done Diana. You have written your recount in the past tense and used some good connectives.

Check your second paragraph; you’ve used and a lot, can you use punctuation to remove some of the ands? Don’t forget to add a title to your post!


STEM week in year 4

Last week in year 4 in stem week we learnt about irrigation systems and went on the paddlet to write about them on Monday.

On Tuesday we made cotton candy. YUMMY! We also planned our irrigation systems.

On Wednesday we went on Edmodo  and did the   word of the week  and number of the week.

On Thursday we made our irrigation systems it was really fun it was the moment we were all waiting for! Punctuation

Friday we planted the irtigation systems yippeeFinish… 


A great start to your recount. All in the past tense and chronological order.

Read my green comments and check spellings underlined in red. Remember Edmodo is a name! 



STEM week!

In stem week my group went outside and we made loads of different sounds. Also into a piece of music! ??????

Lately, we have been going to different places and listening to how many decibels we saw on the app. We would write it down on our pieces of paper. I think that year 5 was the loudest, but they were also constantrating very hard on their work.

After that, we all came back and checked our work to make it look good. My favourite part was doing a small play of the lion and the mouse, I was the lion and I had great time!



By Eleanor ? and Iliana ?


A good start to your recount in the past tense.

More information needed and check you have used full sentences. 


Stem week was last week. In stem week we made a diy irrigation system we first had to stab holes in it it was fun .we measured sounds on the iPad but the wind made it louder .We were measuring it in decibels it was amazing how We could measure sounds we also had a measureing sticks an went 1 meter 2 meter 3 meter it was great and that’s what we done in stem week .

You’ve written what we did in the past tense.

Check you have capital letters after a full stop. Do your sentences make sense? Do you need to use connectives? Check the spelling underlined in red. 


In stem week we made irrigation systems. It was very fun.To make a irrigation system first get a bottle not too small.Then get about 5 pins so if one breaks you have spare then get some scissors and cut the bottom.

After that put the pins in the lid and keep repeating that and then do it again but just do it a bit under.Do it until there’s loads and then keep doing it around.

Then we  went outside and dug a hole so you irrigation system can hit and it won’t fall over. In the wind then finally put you irrigation system.In the hole but the lid hast to be facing the mud then when it rains it will water your plants.

A great recount using connectives and written in the past tense.

Brakes is a homophone, this spelling means brakes on a car. Check for capital letters and full stops. Check the spellings underlined in red. 


Last week we made candy flos we went in little groups we had a blender and some sticks, we put candy floss things and wate until we se cob webs ,then we put our stick in the blender and we eat some!

Irigation system:

First we got a plastic bottle and we put some holes in it.Then we cut the bottom of the bottle of and we  dug a holl in the alotment and put the top of the bottle in the hole.

A great recount of the week almost all  in the past tense!

Check your spellings (the words underlined in red) and make sure all of your verbs are in the past tense. Read your first paragraph; does it make sense? Do you need some punctuation in there?


In stem week last week we learned about sound and how it works and how it gets quieter the farther it travels

and we made Cotten candy yummy on Monday

then we made some irrigation systems on Thursday here’s a step by step instructions

1. First get a plastic bottle

2. Poke holes in the cap

3.Cut the bottom off

4.Put  it in soil

5.Put water in and chill

I went outside and used some decibel meters on Wednesday but planned it on Tuesday

And we planned the irrigation systems on pallet on Tuesday

I really loved stem week stem sands for science technology engineering and math

I can’t wait till next year for stem week!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

In assembly we showed our work off and year 6‘s was

All of the work that we did was really Fun!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


A great recount of STEM week written in the past tense.

Check your work for capital letter and full stops. Do we start a sentence with and? Read your work to check for sense. 

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