Naughty Frank!

If you didn’t know Frank is my baby brother he is two on December the third.

Sometimes Frank is really naughty a lot of the time he hits the cats because he thinks it is a game but it isn’t. Because my older brother Thomas is really into wrestling when he watches it on telly Frank copies. Also Frank pulls down his trousers undo his nappy and walk around with no nappy  or trousers on. He really likes to go in the fridge and get out some yogurts because he really likes them he has about four a day. Frank also likes to climb over everything so he keeps hurting himself all of the time.

Frank is really mischievous!

Rocket Poem

Faster than stars,faster than light,

But off we go when it’s not bright,

Space is awaiting for us of we go time to rush,

The parachute has come out we must be coming down,

I wish I could stay!

Dizzily we spun around ,

The faster we went we only got a glimpse  of the space around us.

My spectacular, sparkly, space poem!

Faster than sports cars, faster than jet planes,

It’s even better than old steam trains!

Zooming up  high, tossing and turning,

It’s so cool that’s why we’re learning!

Out of the window the comets and stars,

We have just flown past Mars!

All of the clouds are a thick white blanket,

For the earth which is our planet!

As we go down, it splits in three,

We’re nearly home so we cheer with glee!

Bursting out the parachute,

Comes down when we’re about to end the route.

Everyone screams as we’re returning,

They’re cheering so much, its getting concerning!

By Eden Gough, Year 4 , 1.7.16.


My night sleeping with Imogen!!

On Friday afternoon after school at half four I went round Imogen’s house with Paris for a sleepover. While me and Paris were there we got to make our own pizza. Also we got a glitter tattoo me and Paris got a butterfly but Imogen got some stars. Then we done some nail painting     I picked five different colours. After that we done some face painting. Imogen’s mum painted our faces Imogen and Paris got a rainbow and I got loads of flowers on my face. After sadly Paris went home instead of sleeping with us. Then me and Imogen got our pyjamas on and done our teeth. Next we put on the spongebob movie but when that finished me put on the Simpsons. In the morning we got ready and went to the cinema we met Paris there. We were going to see Zootropolis it was really good. After that we went to Mcdonalds  we had cheese burgers but Paris had a chicken wrap once we finished that we were allowed an ice cream. After we ate our ice crams we took Paris home and then Imogen’s mum took me home. I had a really fun time  at Imogen’s house.

My spectacular,starry,space poem!

Faster than sports cars,faster than jet planes,

It’s even better than the old steam trains!

 Zooming up high tossing and turning ,

Its so cool that is why were learning.

Out of the window,the comets and stars,

We have just flown past Mars.

All of the clouds are thick white blankets,

For the earth which is our planet.

As it goes down,it  splits in three,

We’re nearly home so we cheer with glee.

Bursting out the parachute,

comes down when we were about to end the route.

Everyone screams as we were returning,

They’re cheering so much its getting so concerning.


My Blog About Gravity

The gravitational force between any two objects is always attractive. Any two objects will accelerate towards each other due to their gravitational attraction. When an apple falls from a tree,the earth pulls the apple.

Gravity is a force that attracts the body towards  the center of the earth.Or towards any other physical bodies having mass.

Falling objects increase their speed as they fall. They also experience an upwards force called air resistance.


If you drop a brick and a feather the brick will fall quicker because it is heavier.


Things fall to earth because the gravity pulls the object down. Isaac Newton  found out gravity. If an apple fell from a tree the earth pulls on the apple and the apple pulls on the earth.

Gravity pulls things to the earth.In space there is no gravity things just fly away nothing falls to the ground.

The lighter the object the longer it will take to fall to the ground. Heavy objects will take quicker to fall.


If you dropped a pen and a feather out of the same window the pen will fall quicker than the feather but if it is windy the feather will probably fly  away.