Gymnastics in Class 12

We did lots of fun things yesterday ! We did back flips and front flips. We were doing  handstands and cartwheels.We had so much  fun  but we are all  sad  because it was our last session. We had… Read More


Gym was so fun this week. I did  a back  flip ( with  help). It was so fun! We also did  lots of different jumps which were fun too! I think gym is amazing  and  I love it!

My favourite lesson this week….

MY FAVOURITE LESSON THIS WEEK………. GYMNASTICS Gymnastics was very fun and the teacher was called Phill. We did cartwheels.Every week we do straight jumps. We did bunny jumps this week as well. We also did handstands!

My favourite lesson …

My favourite lesson this week was… GYMNASTICS Gym was so fun, the teacher was called Phil.  First in gym, every week, we do straight jumps, tuck jumps and straddle jumps.  Next we walked on our tip toes while… Read More

Gymnastics this week!

Gymnastics this week was awesome! The first thing we did was a straddle and then a pike and THEN a tuck jump. After that we got into groups and pushed the mats to touch.  We had bean bags. … Read More

My favourite lesson this week was Gym

This week my favourite lesson was Gym.   I had fun doing Gymnastics.  This week we learned new tricks during gymnastics.  I needed some help during gymnastics but the lesson was  great. I did my best!

Gym by Nia

My favourite lesson this week was gym ?. Why do I like gym  you may ask? We got to do cartwheels! When the coach clapped, we had to sit down and we did bunny jumps.  These were good… Read More

Gymnastics this week

In gymnastics, we did cartwheels and frog jumps with a beenbag and we did rolling like a ball (like forward rolls) and we jumped with our feet together and a put our arms very straight.  We ran in circles doing different speeds and… Read More

My favourite lesson this week

My favourite lesson is gym because you learn more things so you can get better. What I loved about it is when I did a cartwheel because I know a lot of gym. I know a lot of… Read More