On Friday, I got Meerbat to take home and I had good time with him. When we got home, I went on the trampoline and jumped loads. On Saturday we put the Christmas tree up and Meerbat helped… Read More

Meerbat By Tyler

Meerbat is our class mascot and every weekend one of us takes him home. Last weekend I took him home. I took Meerbat to the park and we played on the monkey bars and went down the slide. Then we went on… Read More

Gym this week!

Gym did not go that well for me after making everyone laugh when I did the worst cartwheel ever known to man! On the plus side, I did do well when we had to put bean bags on our… Read More

Lego worlds by Sarah

Lego worlds is a world of Lego . You travel to different worlds (planets) and you have people asking you for favours like painting houses and more . You do not craft . There are lots of different… Read More

Stem week By Sarah

Last week it was STEM week, we measured distances and even made irrigation systems.  Some people made cotton candy and some people got to taste  it but I didn’t , there were loads of flavours even cola. I learned… Read More

In my new year by Makenzie

My new year group is year 4. My new teachers are called Miss Ruff, Mrs Delaney, Miss Sewell and Mrs Timmis. They have helped me in my new learning! Year 4 is so fun but I miss my old… Read More

Huntingdon primary school golden time

To get all your golden time you have to be good. Golden time is when you get to have lots of fun. In golden time you can draw,you can play on the iPads and you can play football.