Year 4 Trip to Burwell

When we went to Burwell last week, we got to have a snack because we were on the bus for a long time.

We had lunch when we got there. We had sausages and mash, it was such a yummy lunch. I loved lunch!

Then we got to go to our room to put our clothing in our bedrooms. We had bunk beds. There were 11 girls in my room. Next we went to our groups. My group teacher was Miss Ruff.

First we went for the Burwell challenge. It was so funny because we all fell over on the muddy floor but we got the eggs. The eggs were for when we show teamwork. We got 4 eggs!

After we had a break, we had fruit. I had apples and oranges. After we had to wear some big black goggles so that we couldn’t see properly and my friends  helped me around the obstacles. Then we swapped and I helped my friends with the goggles. It was hard and we had to show our best teamwork skills.

We had dinner, it was fish fingers and chips, I liked it so much. For pudding we had cake and custard. We ate lots of it.

We got to put our PJs on for night time. We watched the film Elf because people wanted to watch it. I got a Fox from the snack shop it was so cute. We had lights out for the night time. All the girls were talking all night.

The next morning we made bags that we could take home. It was so fun! I made a house for my family.



When we went to Burwell on a trip with some of year 4 we did lots of great activities.

We did a trail called The Fox 🦊 and what we had to do was answer questions. There were 12 questions in total and we could answer the questions.

We did something called the Burwell challenge and we had glasses that made everything pitch black so we couldn’t see anything.We had to hold a rope and my partner told me directions through an obstacle course which was the Burwell challenge. At the very end of the obstacle course there was a trampoline in the ground covered in mud. Me and my partner had fun playing on the trampoline.


At the disco we had a disco ball and of course music which we loved! We also had pass the parcel.

Burwell visit

On Wednesday some of the people in year 4 went to a house  called Burwell. 

We got put into small groups and  I got put with  Phoebe, Iliana, Eleanor , Rylie, Karen and Nadia as well as  Katie-Anne . I was bunking with Nadia. Nadia had some weird dreams, she said  she was running away from a pizza because for  supper we had pizza. She woke every one up! Phoebe also walked in her sleep but she was on the top bunk. She also  got off the top bunk so I pushed her back on to keep her in bed!


The people who didn’t go to Burrell went to a place called Chiquitos. It was really fun because we got to try nachos with Salsa, Sour Cream and Guacamole.

Another fun thing was making our own burritos. I put chicken and lettuce in my burrito. The people at Chiquitos put our burritos into the oven. When they were cooked,we tried them and they were really nice and tasty. We did a contest on who made the best burrito and Livia won it.

We had a quick drink and we left with a goodie bag that had a pack of Haribos, a £15 off voucher, £5 off some kind of pie, a notebook with a pen and a balloon. It was great!

My time in Chiquitos

When we walked in Chiquitos, we had a glass of water and we tried some different spicy foods that some people liked and some people didn’t like to eat .

When we had finished eating our spicy food, we tried to make our own buritos and our leader was Georgina. She told the chef to put our delicious buritos in the hot oven. When we ate our own buritos, they were tasty. There was a competition for the best burito. The winner of the competition was Livia and she had a sombrero hat with a yellow ribbon! We also had a sombrero hat but without a yellow ribbon. We were really  happy because they gave us a little Chiquitos goody bag. When we went back to school we were wearing our sombrero hats and Mrs Smith took a picture of us and she put the picture on the school website and we all went back home. It was a good day.

My weekend with Meerbat

After school, Meerbat  came home with me and we ate dinner together. My dog Max was very curious about Meerbat. We decorated the Christmas tree together with my mum . Then  I played a game with Meerbat on my tablet. We went to bed at 8:30pm.  We had a great day.

Burwell trip

Last week about 50 children from year four went to Burwell house. It was about 10 miles away from Cambridge. For some people it was a bit scary as we were sleeping there from Wednesday to Friday.

My favourite part was eating dinner we had gigantic dinners and  also I liked doing the Burwell challenge. I would go again BUT alone with my parents it was impossible to sleep with people talking all night. They were very excited to be in the trip!


We went to the amazing restaurant called CHIQUITO last week where we ate mexican style food. We tried a burito! They were really nice and i enjoyed it loads! They were easy and fun to make, you could make them yourself at home!




The people who didn’t go to Burwell…

We went to Chiquitos!!😀

It was really fun and I engoyed it  a lot!

We made are own burritos and tried nachos and salsa. My best thing was when we tried the nachos because they were really tasty! If you’ve not been to Chiquitos, then you should definitely go!

Chiquitos Trip!

Chiquitos was fun because we got to eat new foods and Georgina taught us how to make a burito. After we all made our buritos, Chef Hugo cooked the buritos in the restaurant oven and then we got to eat  them! There were lots of choices of fillings like chicken, chilli, cheese and lettuce. The trip was awesome!