STEM week in year 4

In year 4 we have had stem week and this is what we did..We made a irrigation system.

First we have to get a bottle and poke pin holes in the cap and top of the bottle. DON’T poke holes in the bottom of the bottle.

Then cut off the bottom of the bottle. You wouldn’t need it so you can throw it away.

After that dig a hole in the mud and put the bottle in the hole then put the mud back fill the bottle with water and you have your irrigation system.

Another thing we did is a sound experiment it was so cool.Hope you enjoyed!!

By PhoebeS


What I did on STEM week

Last week on STEM week I did a since experiment of a balloon’s sound’s. We did hummed into the balloon and we or so stretched the balloon. And it made a grating sound. After we wrote it down on an piece of paper to explain what you heard from the balloon. It was hard ,  you had to write a whole page and it was hard.


Tyler c

Things In A Year That You Need To Know By Sarah

  1. Days in a week are Monday , Tuesday ,Wednesday, Thursday ,Friday, Saturday, Sunday,
  2. Months of the year are January , February , March , April ,May ,June , July , August , September, October , November , December

How Year 4 works by Sarah

In Year 4 we have groups named after famous inventors and scientists . They are Louis Paster , Benjamin Franklin , Tim Berners Lee , Leonardo De Vinci , Nikola Tesla and Stephanie Kwolek .

The teachers put two groups in one lesson ,when we are in those two groups , sometimes the teachers split us into again two groups , 1 to do something with the teaching assistants  and one to work with the teacher, then we swap . We have registers , after registers we look at a PowerPoint that tells us where we have to go next . If we finish our work that the teacher gave us , we go to our trays which have unfinished work there. If there’s nothing there that is yours  ,  you check your English ,  Maths , Reading and Science  books for green comments.

If you or your child want to join Huntingdon Primary  School in Year 4, you know what  it takes and what you do .

by Sarah

In my new year by Makenzie

My new year group is year 4. My new teachers are called Miss Ruff, Mrs Delaney, Miss Sewell and Mrs Timmis. They have helped me in my new learning! Year 4 is so fun but I miss my old teachers too.


days of the week by Kenzie








There are 7 days in the week.

Huntingdon primary school golden time

To get all your golden time you have to be good.

Golden time is when you get to have lots of fun.

In golden time you can draw,you can play on the iPads and you can play football.


I love yr4 but my favourite part is Meerbat our class mascot. He’s fluffy,cute,bat manny ( bat man ). Someone takes him home every weekend. So far Patrick , Nadia , Matilda , Pheobe have taken him home and somebody else today but it won’t be me because I’m poorly. Maybe I will get him next week.

Stem week by Kenzie

A few weeks ago Huntingdon Primary Schoolr had a week called Stem Week.

We made an irrigation system, we had a bottle and we poked a pin in the bottle. After that we cut off the bottom bit of the bottom of the bottle then we dug a hole in the ground then buried the bottle. Finally we filled the bottle with water. We also did Maths.

The S in stem week means Science . The T in stem week means Technology .The E in stem week means Engineering. The M in stem week means Maths.



Meerbat is a class  Mascot.He comes home with us on Fridays. I think I am going to get Meerbat because my big write was amazing and when my teacher was talking to my mum at the end of the day I put the pens and paper away. My teacher was so happy with me. The End from Elsie.