My favourite lessons by Sarah

My favourite lessons are rugby , English , gym ,maths and art . In rugby we are learning how to block and get balls and more . In English Year 4 have been using direct speech , PEE paragraphs , adverbs and more for sentence starters . Gym is one of my top three.  We have just had our first lesson and we were doing cart wheels , shapes and more . Maths is what I liked first and it is also one of my top three. We are learning how to regroup , use column subtraction and column addition . Art is also one of my top three. I am not so good at it but I practice it a lot .

My favourite lesson this week.

My favourite lesson in this week is maths, because it is so hard that I only made three, and the second day it was very easy. Even if  I am a maths expert, I help different people with maths and a teacher who is a maths expert. In PE we learnt Rugby but it’s still  not my favourite sport. My favourite sport is Football.

My favourite lesson this week

My favourite lesson was gym. We were asked to do a cartwheel. I was nervous  on the first try and I did not do good. The gym teacher told me to keep my legs straight I did and I did better.

My favourite lessons by kenzie

These are my favourite lessons in year4.





My favourite lesson this week

My favourite lesson this week is every lesson I have done! All of it was fun because it was all different in the best ways! Still my favourite lesson was the English because we had a variety of things we could do! Like we started with organising different cards to make clauses, and even improve! Then my favourite part of it was making clauses in our own book! After it made everything even better since we had to add adverbials! That’s when it got fun. I got to tell true storiess in the best ways! I felt astonished to see how fun this was!

My second favourite lesson is gymnastics because it’s my first gymnastics lesson this year! I got to learn new gymnastics techniques!


My favourite lessons

Hi there I am going to go over my favourite lessons. Let’s get started.

Number 1: Art I like it because it improves my writing a lot so I want to thank these adults: All adults in the school. You are all the best!!

Number 2:Maths I like it because it wakes me up ready for the day but I still like art a tiny bit better and I would like to thank these adults:Mrs Delaney,Mrs Smith and all other adults!!

Number 3:Gymnastics I like this because it keeps me fit.


Why I like maths by Kenzie

I like maths when the teachers ?‍? swap around, so I learn different things from them like rounding to the nearest hundreds.

I like subtracting and adding.


All about my rabbits

I have 7 rabbits called



3.Prince George





Big Writes In Year 4

In year 4 we do big writes every Thursday or Friday. Big Writes are pieces of work that you have to do alone but if the teacher picks you , you have some help . We still do big Writes in our groups . I am in Benjamin Franklin , I normally do my big writes with Tim Berners Lee  group .

My favourite lesson

We did PE and we did maths and English with Miss Ruff. I liked them because it was good and had lots of fun learning. I was writing a big page in English and I enjoyed it.